Caesar Guerini Invictus II Ascent Trap over-and-under shotgun: the field test by Renato Lamera

In shotguns, robustness is undoubtedly the essential feature sought after by enthusiasts and above all by professionals in order to deal with series of clays and thousands of shots. Caesar Guerini's over-and-under shotguns are recognizable in style and substance because the ruggedness of mechanics is always combined with an elegance that makes these firearms exclusive. The range of Invictus over-and-under shotguns is a concrete example of these features: designed to guarantee an unlimited gun's life thanks to the main mechanical lock components that can be replaced. In this case, we are talking about the Invictus II model in the Ascent Trap version, a gun that is immediately recognizable thanks to the color case hardened receiver with gold inlays. Robustness then, but always with style. 

Video: introducing the Caesar Guerini Invictus II Ascent Trap shotgun with Renato Lamera

Features of the Invictus II Ascent Trap over-and-under 

The steel receiver of the Invictus II
The steel receiver of the Invictus II has a special color case hardened finish with gold-inlaid floral engravings made by the Giovanelli workshop.

The receiver is NiCrMo forged steel machined from solid stock and subjected to case-hardening and tempering treatments that result in a particularly high surface hardness. The receiver measures 1.81”/46 mm in width, 2.71”/69 mm in height and 2.36”/90 mm in length, values suitable to withstand the stress of competitive shooting. Fences are hand-filed and the particular engravings are made by the Giovanelli workshop. What has made Invictus over-and-under shotguns famous to the point of defining them as invincible (“invictus” in Latin) are the locking points inside the receiver that are subjected to the most stress when firing and the hinge pins – the Invictus Block and the Invictus Cam, interchangeable in case of wear, are able to bring the gun back to its initial conditions. 

The fixed box-lock is cocked by a pair of pre-charged and consistent coil springs mounted on steel spring guide rods. The two-stage rebounding hammers prevent the firing pins from protruding after firing, making opening and unloading easier. The inertia trigger is provided with a double compensator: the link between compensator and inertia block (situated on the action and not on the trigger to enhance safety) features a mobile ball which reduces friction to the minimum while shooting. The single selective trigger is gold plated and recalls the patterns on the receiver's surface. The trigger is fitted with a micrometric adjustment system. Ejectors are automatic, machined from a solid block for a clear and positive ejection of cartridge cases as can be seen in our video.

The rib of the Ascent version
The rib of the Ascent version is about 10 mm high, ventilated and tapered, filed with central milling and intermediate sight for a correct alignment.
The Maxisbore barrels
The Maxisbore barrels come with a set of 8 interchangeable external 90 mm internal chokes for the different shooting disciplines and situations.

The Invictus II Ascent in both the Sporting and Trap versions is available with 30”/76 and 32”/81 cm barrels. The barrels have a standard 2 ¾“/70 mm chamber and come with a set of 8 internal and external 90 mm long Maxischoke competition chokes that allow shooters to adapt to different shooting disciplines. The Maxisbore barrels are fully bored and have a slightly over-bored 0.73”/18.6 mm inner core and elongated Duecon forcing cones. 

These features allow pellets to reach higher velocities and reduce friction with the internal barrel walls, to the benefit of pattern density and reduction of felt recoil. In the Ascent version, the rib is 0.39”/10 millimeters high, ventilated and tapered; it is filed on the top and features a central milling that, together with the intermediate sight, allows the shooter to always check the correct alignment of the gun before shooting. The side ribs are ventilated and allow the possible addition of the weights provided with the DTS Balancer system for a correct and personalized balancing of the over-and-under. The stock of the Invictus II is made of select 2.5 grade oil-polished walnut wood, is 380 mm long and has a height- and cast-adjustable comb, and a 20 mm thick rubber recoil pad. The round fore-end with typical Anson-style release button and the narrow pistol grip feature fine-pitch checkering for a firm grip and a secure swing of the over-and-under. The shooter's good feeling and accuracy with the Invictus II Ascent Trap seems immediate, but let us be guided by Renato Lamera's description and images.

For more information on the over-and-under Invictus II Ascent Trap please visit the Caesar Guerini website.

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