Caesar Guerini Invictus I Impact Trap

The Invictus I over/under, designed by Caesar Guerini to be a truly indestructible competition-winning gun, with an innovative mechanism, has made its name as an  exclusive model. 

Now, with all the custom options of the Impact Trap version, this over/under adds extreme versatility to its strengths, to become the faithful friend of shooters who want a gun that is designed to optimize their performance by adapting its main components. 

Invictus Block
The lock-up mechanism of the Invictus over/under, the Invictus Block made of high-tensile steel at the center of the action, can be replaced when worn

The heart of the mechanism, the Invictus System, no longer has the hinge pins on the action but on the barrels, and the Invictus Cams can be removed, reassembled and replaced using a simple hand tool supplied with the gun. 

The stress and pressure the gun is subjected to when fired therefore no longer directly affect the action, which in time creates play and imprecision in the gun's components. 

The Invictus Block, the new lock-up system made of high-tensile steel at the center of the action, can easily be replaced in the case of wear, restoring the performance of the gun to what it was when new. 

This over/under in fact is guaranteed for 1,000,000 (one million) shots fired, to give you an idea of its reliability and stability.

Caesar Guerini Invictus hinge pins
The Invictus System hinge pins are no longer on the action, but on the barrels. The Invictus Cams, easy to dismantle and replace

But the Caesar Guerini Impact range goes even further and offers shooters a gun made-to-measure. 

The stock, rib, point of impact, trigger, comb and balance of the gun can be fully customized by the shooter. The “Impact” gives you a shooting stance that guarantees the same feeling you get when shooting a “traditional” gun but with a more ample field of view, a more correct and comfortable stance and a lot less recoil. One can without a doubt say that the “Impact” is breaking new ground for shooters in terms of versatility, comfort and precision. 

The pistol grip stock is classic Trap, oiled and fine-chequered by hand to give you a firm, safe grip. The comb can be adjusted in seven micrometric directions. 

The device "saves" the position; it is simple, light and effective. For even greater comfort you can also fit a softer, rubber “No Impact” comb. Another option is the DTS Kinetic Balancer. This is a system of multiple weights and springs that lets you balance the gun and reduce recoil. The DTS Kinetic Balancer has been designed so you can dismantle the stock without having to remove the DTS. The butt is made of rubber.

Caesar Guerini Invictus Impact rib
The high adjustable rib on the Invictus Impact lets the shooter calculate the point of impact precisely, guaranteeing a better view of the target, a more comfortable position and less muzzle rise too

The chrome-lined Maxis Bore barrels give you higher shot velocity and penetration. The quality of the ballistic performance is guaranteed by a special 120 mm DueCon cone located between the cartridge chamber and barrel bore. 

Performance can be further optimized by a vast range of eight interchangeable Maxis Choke 80 mm-long inner-outer chokes with a special geometrical design. The Invictus Impact 12-gauge is available with 76 and 81 cm barrel lengths. With 76 cm barrels the over/under weighs 3.9 kg, and with a length of 120 cm, it is very well balanced.

The hammers and trigger levers are machined with numerical control machine tools for the greatest precision and smoothest action. The hammers are driven by constant preloaded coil springs. The particular configuration prevents the firing pin from projecting outside the breech after firing for added safety and softer opening. The extractors are automatic and selective, actuated by a cam milled from solid steel for quick and efficient extraction, and longer life in continuous use.

Caesar Guerini Invictus Kinetic Balance
The DTS Kinetic Balancer system that slots into the stock. A system of counterweights and springs moves the gun's center of gravity back and further dampens recoil

The Invictus has a completely new rib, and the name Impact in fact derives from the fact that you can adjust the impact point from less than 5 cm to over 25 cm, by the simple turn of a screw. 

17 mm high and 120 mm long, this rib can be adjusted in the field with its self-stabilizing aluminum tie-rods, easy to see due to their silver color, which keep the rib elastic and in contact with the barrels to guarantee the greatest precision. 

Functional and intuitive, this gun will improve your stance and give you a better view of the target, guaranteeing elasticity and a notable reduction in muzzle rise. The point of impact can be fully adjusted, meaning you can adjust how much lead you want to give the spread on the target. The top conical rib and the side rib are ventilated. Interchangeable stabilizing forends with various specific weights let you find the optimal balance for the gun and reduce vibrations. You can choose between two different trigger pull weights for the ergonomic trigger, and adjust the travel before firing in micrometric adjustments. The safety is a selective slide.

Caesar Guerini Invictus Impact I engraving
Mechanical technology combined with the elegance of oil-finish walnut and engraving on the Invictus I Impact over/under

As is true of all Caesar Guerini guns, mechanical technology goes hand-in-hand with meticulous attention to aesthetic detail. The Invictus is characterized by the finest oil-finish walnut, elegant floral and laser-cut arabesque engraved motifs on the sides and underside of the action, hand-finished by the Bottega Giovanelli engravers.

The Caesar Guerini Invisalloy treatment protects the metal parts of the gun from corrosion and rust. Strength and reliability in every single component, both in mechanical and aesthetic terms, and versatility developed to meet every shooters' requirements, make the Invictus I Impact Trap the perfect gun for a broad group of clients, ranging from the most demanding competition shooter who wants an extremely competitive gun that will last a long time, to the professional athlete who wants nothing less than the best reliability and precision necessary to win their next match. 

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