Caesar Guerini Challenger Ascent Sporting

The latest evolution of the Challenger Ascent over-and-under by Caesar Guerini is dedicated to clay target shooting. 

Technical features of the 12-gauge Challenger Ascent shotgun

It is chambered in 12/70 gauge with "Maxisbore", a new bore geometry combined with a new design of the forcing cone between chambers and bore called "Duocon", an exclusive technical solution by Caesar Guerini that allows a higher speed of the swarm of pellets and reducing misshaping.

The barrels are 31.88 in / 810 mm long and equipped with interchangeable Maxischoke Competition chokes. A set of six chokes is sold with the rifle. 

On request the Challenger Ascent Sporting can be set up with barrels optimized for steel pellets. The upper ventilated rib is conical with a white spherical sight. Trigger is single and the selective safety is placed in the classic dorsal position. 

Caesar Guerini Challenger Ascent with Dynamic Tuning System

The DTS (Dynamic Tuning System) trigger system allows to select between two preset shooting loads and to easily adjust every aspect of the trigger travel (distance, pre-travel, etc.) facilitating the weapon customization by the shooter.

The stock also uses the DTS technology and is equipped with a micrometrically adjustable forend and a housing for the "DTS Kinetic Balancer" kinetic system (available on request), which thanks to three weights placed between two springs, allows an optimal and personalized balance, offering a noticeable reduction in recoil.

The Caesar Guerini Challenger Ascent Sporting is sold complete with ABS Pro case, a set of chokes and keys for adjusting stock and trigger. Retail price is to be confirmed yet.

Caesar Guerini Challenger Ascent Sporting:
technical data

Challenger Ascent Sporting
Over-and-under shotgun
Barrel Length: 
31.88 in / 810 mm

Walnut, with DTS system

Recoil pad:


8.2 lbs / 3.75 kg
Sight (front): 

Spherical, white 

Maxischoke Competition

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