Trackingpoint 300HO rifle

New at the 2016 SHOT Show from TrackingPoint – the US-based manufacturer of precision-guided firearms, featuring a built-in fire control/aiming system for superior accuracy – is a new version of its AR-15 based semi-automatic rifles platform. Dubbed the 300HO, or “HogOut”, the new TrackingPoint rifle is conceived for the selective elimination of feral hogs and other varmint.

As a shooter pulls the trigger on the TrackingPoint 300HO rifle, the target is automatically acquired and tracked; when the trigger pull is completed, the rifle fires with lethal accuracy. The TTK (“Total Time-To-Kill”) of the TrackingPoint 300HO rifle is of approximately 2,5 seconds.

The precision-guidance system of the TrackingPoint 300HO rifle – dubbed the RapidLock – is image-stabilized and sports an automatic adjustment system for the point-of-impact to the center mass of the target, and features a laser-based barrel reference system that ensures shot-to-shot perfect zero, eliminating all errors that may stem from shock, vibration, or environmental changes due to temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

Chambered for the increasingly popular .300 AAC “Blackout” caliber and feeding through STANAG 4179 magazines, the TrackingPoint 300HO rifle will begin shipping in north America by the end of January 2016, at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $12,995.

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