Emergency Marine Kit Prototype: Steyr Mannlicher AUG/A3 M1 in .223 caliber

At the heart of this sensational offer is of course the Steyr AUG/ A3 M1 (including optics) in its 0.223 caliber. It is a regular production-line weapon with one special feature, namely its color. 

With its brash shade of orange, the Steyr turned plenty of heads when it was first presented at the SHOTShow. The remainder of this special package is also designed in the same color, apart from the two magazines which are also included in the deal. Besides a knife, the package also includes a flashlight, a whistle and a flare gun in a large, robust case. The American subsidiary also announced that the product is mainly designed for those active on water. 

Nevertheless, the case also contains all the kit that might be conceives as necessary for hunters driving out in the wilderness with their SUVs. The company may yet make further improvements, as the package presented at SHOTShow is still just a prototype. 

The price and the date of US market launch are also still to be decided.

Emergency Marine Kit 
Emergency Marine Kit is a prototype of survival kit with M1 of Steyr AUG A3

For more information, please visit the Steyr website.

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