Review & specs: Schmeisser Dynamic semi-Auto in .223 Remington

Disassembled Schmeisser Dynamic in .223 Remington
The Schmeisser Dynamic, disassembled into its main component groups.

At the IWA OutdoorClassics 2016, the Schmeisser Dynamic, with a 425 millimeter barrel in “Gun Grey” was one of the biggest eye-catchers.The small, handy sporting rifle was already impressive to behold at the show. However, Schmeisser does not just limit itself to the sporting world. 

"The Dynamic is ideal for all dynamic disciplines, such as IPSC, as well as all target groups who desire a particularly light weapon.", explains Jochen Wurster, head of sales: "We are bringing the Dynamic to market because it is the most handy model available and, thanks to the elegant skeletonization, the NOREC compensator and the Schmeisser Dynamic Drop-in Trigger and particularly rapid reset, it combines advantages that no other rifle offers out of the box, in such a package ."

Specs of the Schmeisser Dynamic self-loading rifle

Ejection port of Schmeisser Dynamic in .223 Remington
A look into the Schmeisser Dynamic: A GECO Express round waits to be used. Hunters too can consider getting this rifle. Mounted on top: a Falke sight.
Telescopic stock of Schmeisser Dynamic in .223 Remington
The telescopic stock extends the rifle to a maximum length of 965 millimeters. Furthermore, the butt also features a rubber cap.
The Schmeisser Dynamic in .223 Remington from the top; view of flip-up front sight 
A flip-up front sight is located on the front of the Schmeisser Dynamic. Its height can easily be adjusted via a screw.

The delivery package includes a rifle case, a small bag of tools, and a few other bonuses. At first glance, the firearm could be mistaken for a classic AR-15, were it not for the lasered Schmeisser logo on both sides which immediately catches the eye. The length of the black polymer stock with rubber cap is variable, such that the Dynamic varies between 965 and 870 millimeters in length. 

The rubberized pistol grip features a fishscale texture that provides extra grip. The grip can be unscrewed via an internal slotted screw. Pushing out the pin before the butt stock allows the upper receiver to be easily swiveled forward. 

The interior of the Schmeisser Dynamic shows solid workmanship. The magazine holds up to ten rounds. Removing the pin before the magazine well allows the upper receiver to be completely separated from the lower receiver. Upon removing the rotating bolt, we see that it is skeletonized. The system works with a direct impingement system. The ejection port is in the familiar AR-15 style. 

A Picatinny rail is mounted on the firearm, on which the rear and front sights in a flip-up variant are factory-installed. The rear aperture sight has two different flaps that can be flipped open as needed and feature different diameters. Furthermore, the rear sight can be adjusted laterally, while the front sight’s height is adjustable. Both can easily be moved or replaced with an Allen key.

The handguard offers Key-Mod locks at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock which allow equipment to be attached. The front stock is skeletonized, which is one of the reasons why the total weight of the Dynamic is only 2.9 kilograms. This probably makes this Schmeisser one of the lightest of its kind. Gas impingement takes place — as is usual on the AR-15 — in the front half of the barrel, which has a compensator located on its front end for providing the rifle with stability during shooting.

Testing the Schmeisser Dynamic rifle at the range

Editor at the range with Schmeisser Dynamic in .223 Remington
all4shooters editor Alexander Losert trying out the Schmeisser Dynamic in .223 Remington.
Compensator of Schmeisser Dynamic in .223 Remington 
The compensator at the end of the barrel of the Schmeisser Dynamic in .223 Remington ensures that the rifle remains steady when shooting.
Flip-up rear aperture sight of Schmeisser Dynamic in .223 Remington 
The flip-up rear aperture sight, on the other hand, can only be adjusted laterally. Both components can be easily moved or replaced.

A sporty rifle featuring impressive quality — that summarizes the initial impression of the .223 sporting firearm. To really put the rifle to the test, it was taken to the 50-meter range and shot via the open sights, in a standing position from the bulls bag. After all, the semi-auto Schmeisser Dynamic is touted to possess its unique qualities "out of the box". Five types of ammunition were used for the test. They also included hunting ammunition to verify how the Dynamic would fare with these loads. 

After adjusting the self-loading rifle and the obligatory sighting shots, it was time to try it out for real with the test ammunition. The 56 grain GECO Target Munition was the winner of the day with 22 millimeters. 

No malfunctions were encountered during the entire test. All rounds were chambered smoothly and flew out of the ejection port to the front right. It should be mentioned that the test firearm already had a few shots under its belt from a video shoot for, during which there were also no malfunctions. An estimated hundred shots in all were fired. 

Overall, the Dynamic is very pleasant to shoot. The muzzle climb was minimal, and the recoil was gentler than from e.g. a SIG Sauer 556. But most of all, it was easy to handle the entire time, and did not cause a strain even after hours of use.

Verdict on Schmeisser Dynamic self-loading rifle in .223 Rem.

The Schmeisser Dynamic has proven to be a rich addition to the AR-15 Market. Its quality is as impressive as its performance at the range. It is robust, unerring, easy to handle, and is a class above the rest. Hence, its price of 2,998 euros (manufacturer’s recommended retail price) appears justified. 

Even “out of the box”, the Schmeisser already offers enough to have fun with. It can stand up to the competition and displays strengths that others will first need to achieve.

Rotating bolt of Schmeisser Dynamic in .223 Remington
Rotating bolt of Schmeisser Dynamic in .223 Remington with direct gas impingement This component has been skeletonized to save weight.
Trigger of Schmeisser Dynamic in .223 Remington 
The trigger of the Schmeisser Dynamic in .223 Remington features a spartan design, but performs its job perfectly when shooting.

For more information on the Schmeisser Dynamic, please visit the Schmeisser website.

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