Sabatti Urban Sniper bolt action rifle

The latest Sabatti bolt action rifle presented to the public at the Nuremburg IWA 2017 fair is characterized by a particularly aggressive name and look. This gun is currently available for 308 Winchester ammo, but other calibres will soon be added to the range. 

Features of the Sabatti Urban Sniper

The technopolymer stock is fully adjustable both in length using shims under the rubber butt pad, and in terms of height by adjusting the cheek piece.

Sabatti has used quite a short stock profile so the shooter can adapt it and improve performance, especially for shot placement from a prone shooting position. The straight pistol grip optimises precision when aiming both for target shooting and when hunting, if you have to shoulder the rifle or use a rest. The forend also has an ergonomic design with a generous contact surface area, and it can easily be fitted with a picatinny slide to take a bipod for precision shooting. 

The usual long Sabatti bolt action has a tactical bolt handle. The Urban Sniper rifle takes an MD tactical magazine that’s fast and intuitive to use thanks to the external quick-release. The 50 cm-long barrel is designed for taking shots at ranges of 300/350 metres and it’s based on Sabatti’s multi-radial geometry. 

The flash suppressor with three side chambers is made of Ergal, so it’s light and effective, especially when shooting from the ground, where the side gas ejection system prevents dust or other elements disturbing your view of the target after taking the shot. 

The trigger is calibrated at 1.2 kg. One other thing worthy of mention is the position of the sling mounts that don’t get in the way and help carry the gun when hunting. The Sabatti Urban Sniper weighs approximately 4 kg. 

Sabatti Urban Saphire at IWA 2017: MRSP

The suggested retail price of the Sabatti Urban Sniper is about 1,200, - Euro.

Furthermore, the Italian company Sabatti presented the Sabatti Saphire at the IWA 2017. Here you can find out more about Sabatti Saphire. 

More information about Sabatti can be found directly on the company's website.

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