Sabatti MRR: new precision rifling profile called Multi-radial (MRR®)

The main goal of Sabatti was to develop a rifling system with all the positives of the traditional type and none of the negatives. By comparing the traditional rifling (pic. 1 below) with the polygonal (pic. 2 below)  and the Multi-radial ones (pic. 3 below), you will see that the last one is ideal with both traditional and monolithic bullets.

Sabatti rifling

With Multi-radial barrels (pic. 3) two different radiuses alternate in order to positively grip the bullet geometrically without submitting it to extreme stress.

As a matter of fact, the bullets are pressure formed following a circumference and not cut like in traditional rifling (pic. 1) which extends the life cycle of the barrel. Also there is no sharp corner to fill like in the other rifling systems (pic. 1 & 2), therefore the barrel is cleaner and wears more slowly. 

All tests we have carried out prove that: Multi-radial barrels perform better and with more accuracy than barrels with traditional rifling using traditional lead bullets in cal. 7,62 mm (.308") and cal. 6,5 mm (.264") as well as monolithic bullets.

Speed is higher than with traditional rifling - up to 12% under certain circumstances - at standard pressure values. Bullets seal the barrel bore better thus preventing gas from escaping forward and optimizing the effect of the propelling energy. Also friction between bullets and barrel is reduced to the minimum.

Group concentration is substantially improved due to the extremely tight manufacturing tolerances that can be kept while manufacturing Multi-radial barrels. As a matter of fact the multi-radial rifling lends itself perfectly to our cold hammer forging. 

The resulting rifling profile consistency is excellent and the overall quality of our barrels is increased.  The specific rifling geometry of the forcing cone in Multi-radial barrels makes it possible for the chamber neck and freebore to guide the bullets into the rifling more precisely and steadily than with the traditional rifling system – the bullet matches the barrel axis in the best possible way thus reducing the fliers.  Under similar circumstances – less copper deposits inside Multi-radial barrels and, therefore, less cleaning is required. Also, when needed, cleaning is much easier to do than with traditional rifling. Shooters can improve Multi-radial barrel performance by simply lapping the bore with abrasive paste pads with no fear of ruining the rifling edges like with traditional rifling.

These are all the reasons why Multi-radial rifling is truly ideal for target and competition shooting and is requested by almost all our shooters. And that is why now all Sabatti target rifles in cal. 308 Win. and most cal. 6,5x47 Lapua come with Multi-radial rifling.

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