Pedersoli Volunteer 1860 Target Rifle muzzloading percussion rifle

The story of this percussion rifle is interesting; it’s optimized for shooting at ranges of 100-150 metres and is the replica of a model used by English volunteer rifle corps in the late nineteenth-century.

The British National Rifle Association was established on 16 November 1859 in England. It was set up to promote target shooting in British territories. The association was of great help in training the Volunteer Rifle Corps, who joined up to face the constant threat of war with France, which at the time appeared to be imminent. 

The British National Rifle Association also organized national events, the first of which was held at Wimbledon in 1860. 

Features of muzzloading rifle Pedersoli Volunteer 1860

Inspired by this historical event, this Davide Pedersoli model features a .451 calibre 33 inch (838 mm) long 1:21” broach rifled barrel for target shooting at ranges of 100-150 metres. The tube sight is a good match to the high-precision peep sight. The trigger pull is light, and the hand chequered stock is oil finished. The Pedersoli Volunteer 1860 is 1230 mm long and weight 4 Kg.

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