Pedersoli 1886 Sporting Classic lever action rifle

The Winchester 1886 lever action rifle is a legend among Western shooting enthusiasts and collectors because it probably represents the technological peak reached at its time for speed of repetition and power.

Originally chambered in .45-70 Government, one of the most powerful rifle calibers of the time, the Winchester 1886 proved to be able to withstand with ease the use of even more powerful cartridges, such as the .50-110 Express originally designed for use in falling block rifles.

Not only that: the 1886 rifle was designed by John Moses Browning and his project was perfected by William Mason, another genius of firearms engineering who had previously worked with Remington and Colt. In short, the Winchester 1886 is a real concentrate of American genius and today still lives thanks to the replicas produced by Davide Pedersoli.

Pedersoli 1886 Sporting Classic: technical features

Pedersoli 1886 Sporting Classic lever action rifle
The receiver is forged steel, with a case-hardened finish and a polished blued loading gate.

The new version of the 1886 lever action rifle is called Sporting Classic and it is chambered in .45-70. The main feature of the new model is the straight English-style stock, with blued steel buttplate and forend nose-cap, without checkering.

The round section barrel measures 660 mm, or 26 inches. The barrel benefits from the PMG process, which stands for Premium Match Grade – the high-end barrels produced inside the Pedersoli factory with broach rifling to ensure maximum precision. The twist rate for the .45/70 caliber is 1:18.

The tubular magazine extends up to the muzzle and has a total capacity of eight rounds. To avoid self-ignition, the manufacturer recommends the use of ammunition with a rubber tip like the Hornady Leverevolution.

The receiver is forged steel, ready for installing a peep sight both on the left side and on the tang. The receiver has a color case-hardened finish with a polished blued loading gate.

In addition to the possibility of mounting a diopter for long distance precision shooting, the Pedersoli 1886 Sporting Classic is fitted as standard with a blade front sight and a "Buckhorn" type rear sight.

The overall weight of the Pedersoli 1886 Sporting Classic is 9.2 lbs / 4,200 g for a length of 44.9 in / 1140 millimeters.

The indicative retail price is 1823 euro.

Pedersoli 1886 Sporting Classic: technical data

Sporting Classic    



repeating rifle
Action: lever  
single action    
Barrel length:660 mm    
9.2 lbs / 4,200 g
tubular, 8 rounds    
Sights:rear tangent, front blade    
1823 euro   

For more informaton about the 1886 Sporting Classic lever action rifle, please  visit the Davide Pedersoli & C. website.

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