Marlin Firearms model 1894: an elegant carbine

Right at the booth of Marlin Firearms of SHOT Show 2017, the visitors can find a special and limited rifle of the model 1894. Built in the tradition of one of Marlin´s oldest lever-action designs, the Model 1894 is an elegant carbine chambered for pistol calibers. So the “ordinary” Modell 1894 have a straight grip stock design and old west-styled, adjustable semi-buckhorn sight and is available in .44 RemMag and .44 S&W with a ten shot tubular magazine. 

The new limited edition has a ten shot tubular magazine too, but there are more other features, which make this rifle a piece of gun history. 

Features of the Marlin Firearms model 1894 Limited Edition lever-action repeating rifle

The Model 1894 Limited Edition sports all the embellishments befitting its heritage, from ist B-grade black walnut stock, richly engraved receiver with gold inlay (24-Carat Gold marlin Horse with Rider) and classic polished blued finish. Its chamberd in .45 Long Colt and only 1500 will be offered. So since the Model 1894 was re-introduced in the year 1969 more than 10 versions of this line reached the market and now, there is the possibility to own one of these lever action rifles. 

The price of the Model 1894 Ltd Edition was unknown at the booth. 

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