KRISS Group to produce airsoft and .22 Long Rifle rimfire variants of the LVOA rifle!

KRYTAC to produce licensed airsoft and rimfire versions of the LVOA rifle!
KRYTAC was launched as the airsoft and rimfire brand of the Swiss-based KRISS Group at the 2014 SHOT Show

The announcement was given last Tuesday, October 7th, through a press release from the KRISS International S.A. headquarters of Nyon, Switzerland: the Kriss Group reached a licensing agreement with War Sport Industries, LLC. to manufacture both electrically-powered 6mm 1/1 scale airsoft replicas and blowback-operated, .22 Long Rifle rimfire versions of the LVOA tactical rifle.

Manufacturing of these versions will take place in the United States, and the licensed replicas will be distributed through KRYTAC. Established last year in Southern California, KRYTAC is the research, design and production venue of the KRISS Group dedicated to the development and manufacture of airsoft replicas for skirmishing sports and professional force-on-force training, as well as of .22 caliber rimfire guns for both recreational and competition shooting.

KRYTAC to produce licensed airsoft and rimfire versions of the LVOA rifle!
War Sport Industries, LLC. is headquartered in Robbins, North Carolina (USA)

The agreement between KRISS Group and War Sport Industries represents an important step forward for KRYTAC to produce affordable training solutions based on innovative firearm products. The LVOA's advanced design compliments the KRYTAC rifle product line with its unique silhouette and reputation for excellence.

Joey Boswell, CEO of War Sport Industries LLC., commented enthusiastically on the licensing agreement:

« War Sport Industries is very excited to be partnering with KRISS Group S.A. in the LVOA trademark licensing agreement for the KRYTAC and .22 Long Rifle product lines. The partnership brings two very innovative and “out of the box” manufacturers together to offer both training and recreational shooting products known as KRYTAC.»

KRYTAC to produce licensed airsoft and rimfire versions of the LVOA rifle!
The LVOA rifle design gathered considerable attention and appreciation by shooters, professionals and qualified gunwriters as well

War Sport Industries, LLC., is headquartered in Robbins (North Carolina, USA), on a 26-acre campus hosting two manufacturing facilities currently in full operation.

The Company was founded in 2007 as a WOSB ("Woman Owned Small Business") on the personal property of the two founders and owners, Martha and Joey Boswell.

Much like the vast majority of US-based gunmakers, the Company witnessed a significant growth in the wake of the gun buying frenzy that shook the American civilian guns market following a renewed wave of proposed gun control measures after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting of December 2012. As such, in 2013, War Sport Industries relocated on a nearby 20k square foot facility, increased its staff and employment roster and expanded into other areas of manufacturing.

LVOA, the name of the Company's signature rifle, stands for "Low Visibility Operation/Applications", and is intended to provide an effective defensive and operational instrument for modern warfighters, Law Enforcement and private security operators, and for any citizen looking for a trustworthy sports shooting or defense-oriented gun.

KRYTAC to produce licensed airsoft and rimfire versions of the LVOA rifle!
The LVOA rifle as manufactured by KRYTAC will be available as a 1/1 scale 6mm electrically powered airsoft replica for force-on-force training and as a rimfire .22 Long Rifle version for target shooting

KRYTAC's .22 Long Rifle rimfire version of the LVOA platform is intended to become an affordable shooting alternative for the range day enthusiast and for tactical trainers, by replicating the form and function of the original 5.56x45mm/.223 Remington caliber LVOA rifles. 

The KRYTAC LVOA AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) 6mm-BB, 1/1 scale replica will instead provide shooters with a low impact, non-lethal training solution and replicate many of the same features of the War Sport LVOA rifles.

The LVOA Airsoft replica will be powered by KRYTAC's own Nautilus 8mm Reinforced Gearbox, and will of course be available for individual and bulk purchase for professional operators and units looking for a force-on-force training alternative, as well as to airsoft enthusiasts and skirmishers.
The KRYTAC LVOA .22 Long Rifle rimfire rifle and 1/1 scale airsoft electric replica are targeted for release in 2015. No information has been made public so far concerning slated local or international availability and manufacturer's suggested retail price: release dates and pricing will be announced at the 2015 SHOT Show, scheduled to take place next January 20 thru 23 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas (NV, USA).

KRYTAC to produce licensed airsoft and rimfire versions of the LVOA rifle!
The KRYTAC license-manufactured LVOA rifle replicas are scheduled to be introduced to the general public at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, next January
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