Haenel CR 308: new semi-auto rifle in .308 Win

Haenel positioned themselves well as supplier for the military and law enforcement sector with the precision rifle RS9 in .338 LM, introduced with the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) as G29. Additionally several state police SWAT teams utilize the semi-automatic CR 223 in .223 Rem (5,56x45 mm NATO). This particular rifle now gains a big brother in the more powerful caliber .308 Win. 

Haenel CR 308 rifle: features 

The Haenel CR 308 can be ordered in four different barrel lengths: 14,5" (368 mm), 16,5" (420 mm), 18" (457 mm) und 20" (508 mm). All come with an A2 flash suppressor with an additional quick detach suppressor mount. These AR-based rifles use a short stroke gas system with a multi lug bolt head. It employs an ambidextrous cross bolt safety. 

The new AR style rifle CR 308 rifle from Haenel 
The new AR-15 platform rifle is to complement the CR223 (AR15-style) line of products.
Lower and upper receiver of the new CR 308 rifle from Haenel 
Not quite the same color: good to see there are different shades in the Haenel CR 308.

The customer can choose between different triggers. Among the plethora of options are a single stage trigger (2800g-3500g) or a two stage trigger (1700g-200g).

The handguard can be removed without tools and has two Nato Accessory Rails and KeyMod interfaces, accepting the whole line of available accessories starting with optics and bipods to illumination and laser modules. 

The brand new Haenel CR 308 features an ajdustable stock (6 positions) and comes with a 20-round Magpul magazine. Depending on actual configuration, the total weight is between 4.3 kg and 4.6 kg.

The forend of the semi-auto rifle in .308 Win Haenel CR 308
The handguard has two Nato Accessory Rails and KeyMod interfaces.

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