German Sport Guns GSG-15 and GSG-16: new semi-auto rifles in caliber .22 LR

Adjustable Flip-up Sight of the GSG-15 in .22 LR
GSG-15 .22 LR semi-automatic rifle: perfect for casual plinking, target shooting, and hunting.
GSG-15 in black and brown
The GSG-15 at SHOT Show 2017. German Sport Guns offer the gun in black and brown.

At the booth of German Sport Guns at the SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, there were many things , which get a great audience from the visitors. Most of them were interested in the famous MP 40 from World War 2 but also in the new GSG-15.

Some data: it comes in the caliber .22 (with a capacity of 22 rounds), weights 3045 g and a length of 935 mm.

The special features are adjustable Flip-up Sight, ambidextrous magazine release, charging handle and manual safety, an adjustable cheek piece and retractable folding stock. It is available in black and also in Tan.

German Sport Guns: GSG-16 in caliber .22 lfB

But this was not the only new product. The audience has the possibility to have a first look on the .22 GSG 16 with a picatinny-rail and adjustable stock and much other features. For more information have a look at in the next days.

German Sport Guns GSG-16 prototype 
The prototype of the GSG-16 in caliber .22 have an adjustable stock and a picatinny-rail system.

For further information on German Sport Guns, any of its products, please visit the website of the manufacturer.

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