Test & technology: GAMO G Magnum 1250 air rifle

“Not for the faint of heart” is probably how the GAMO G Magnum 1250 can best be described. The shooter should definitely possess sufficient strength and be in suitably good shape before deciding to purchase this leisure air rifle. This is because strength is one of the prerequisites in order to be able to cock the Spanish manufacturer’s kipplauf firearm in the first place.

GAMO G Magnum 1250 - The most powerful kipplauf rifle

Closeup of Gamo G Magnum 1250 barrel
Red fiber optic front sight of the GAMO G Magnum 1250 with corresponding front sight guard on the tip of the G Magnum’s barrel.

GAMO is one of the leading companies when it comes to leisure air rifles. And with the G Magnum 1250, GAMO presents its most powerful kipplauf rifle. 

Buyers in the USA can also decide on a 42-joule variant, while customers in Germany will need to settle for the 7.5-joule version, which is available in 4.5 and 5.5 millimeters. This makes it an “ages 18 & up” item.

The thumbhole stock possesses an ergonomic design, is made of black plastic, and is outfitted with a rubber butt plate with three interchangeable pieces. The pistol grip and forestock are rubberized. The safety takes the form of an additional blade in front of the trigger, which it locks when necessary. 

The sights consist of a red fiber front sight with a front sight guard and a rear sight with adjustable elevation and windage, and which is equipped with a light rod. In addition, the G Magnum 1250 also comes with a rail that allows a scope to be mounted. Written on the test weapon were the words: “Patent pending.” It is an RRR – a Recoil Reducing Rail, which is designed to protect the scope from jolts and pressure.

Test verdict for GAMO G Magnum 1250

During shooting, the GAMO took some getting used to due to the rebound that is generally not encountered in air rifles. However, skillful shooters will be able to manage it after some practice. 

The shot groupings at 10 meters were consistently good, although there was some fatigue after cocking the weapon a good 20 times. At 385 euros, it is not a cheap purchase, but the GAMO firearm definitely is one thing: a lot of fun.

Technical details of the GAMO G Magnum 1250 air rifle

GAMO G Magnum 1250
385 euro
4,5 mm
Compressed air
Metal, polymer
1.210 mm
3.300 g
1 shot
Max. 7.5 joules

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