Just Right Carbines JRC Gen3 pistol carbine at Waffen Ferkinghoff

Ferkinghoff is an european importer of well-known US weapons. Among other brands, the dealer offers guns from Kahr Arms, Desert Eagle, Thompson or Kimber in the new online shop. A good overview of the extensive range of Ferkinghoff can be found here.

Now, Ferkinghoff is also importing the JRC Gen3 pistol carbine from Just Right Carbines to Europe. As early as 2009, Just Right Carbines launched the development of accurate, reliable, adaptable and easy-to-use carbines. The special thing about it: the carbines are chambered in common pistol calibers. Since then, more than 28,000 rifles have been manufactured.

The Just Right Carbine Gen3 model is interesting for both shooters and hunters, as there are different configurations.

Specification of the sport shooters' version of the JRC Gen3 pistol carbine

The versions JRC Gen3 Sporter Basic, SporterPlus and SporterPremium are equipped with a fixed stock and a free floating 17“ barrel with a muzzle thread. The wear-resistant receiver is hard coated and made of high quality aluminium (6061 T-6). The pistol carbine is equipped with a 10-rounds magazine – but compatible with GLOCK magazines. Furthermore AR15 parts can be replaced by other aftermarket parts.

The cartridge ejection and extractor lever can be easily modified for left hand shooters. The JRC Gen3 offers a high degree of flexibility to the resoective shooter.

The included Picatinny rail ensures an easy mounting of sights and scopes. The SporterPlus model comes with a folding sight, the model SporterPremium with a crosshair optic of the manufacturer Sun Optics.

Configuration of the JRC Gen3 pistol carbine in a hunting version

The pistol carbine of the US manufacturer Just Right Carbines is compatible with many parts. This creates a high degree of modularity of the pistol carbine in 9mm Luger or .45 ACP. Besides the version for sport shooters, Ferkinghoff offers two other different types.

The model JRC Gen3 Quadrail with an adjustable stock has a slim 7.5" keymod handguard. The pistol carbine is equipped with 4 Picatinny rails for lots of accessory options. 

The model JRC Gen3 Keymod is distinguished by the longer 13 "Key-Mod" handguard. It serves as both hand protection and is equipped with key mod points. 

All pistol carbines from Just Right Carbines are well balanced and they shoot very precisely.

JRC Gen3 Keymod pistol carbine
From the Just Right Carbine catalog: the JRC Gen3 Keymod model

Pistol carbine from Just Right Carbines at Waffen Ferkinghoff

"We look forward to working with JRC and we are excited about the diversity we can offer with these carbines" says Achim Ferkinghoff, Managing Director at Waffen Ferkinghoff. Just Right Carbines chambered in pistol calibers allow affordable shooting. The shooter can equip the pistol carbine varied and adapt it to his own needs. This provides the ideal supplement for sports shooters and hunters.

The JRC Gen3 models will be available from mid-January 2018 at Waffen Ferkinghoff

Ferkinghoff offers the Kimber Super Jägare pistol  with DeltaPoint reflex sight. We introduce the gun in the video.


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