Air rifles by DIANA: AR 8, AM03 and prototype of P1000 Evo2 Black

Performance Airguns since 1890 – the richly traditional German company DIANA is presenting its wares at the SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas under this slogan. Although the Germans from the Sauerland region did not release any new weapons, they did come with a couple of flourishes they’d added to their classics specifically for US customers.

DIANA AR8 Professional Success air rifle
The DIANA AR8 air rifle is based on Blaser R8 Professional and has a black leather.
The stock of the DIANA AR8 air rifle has a Professional Success imprint.
The all-weather stock is ambidextrous and the gun features a sight based on the original R8 design.

DIANA used the major weapons expo SHOT Show 2017 to present the AR 8 Black with a leather comb on an attractive, ergonomic and ambidextrous hunting stock, which itself is based on the Blaser R8. DIANA has announced that buyers can also select a different material if the black leather doesn’t take their fancy. This air rifle otherwise impresses with an outstanding performance of 400 m/s, a front sight mount with a thumbwheel to raise and lower elevation, and contrast sighting.

Technical data of DIANA AR8 air rifle

Original modelBLASER R8 Professional Success
SystemN-Tec breakbarrel
Barrel498 mm lenght
Caliber4,5 mm/.177 and 5,5 mm/.22
Magazine capacity1-shots
Weight4.100 g
Total lenght1.230 mm
Energy32 Joule 
Price379 Euro (Manufacturer's UVP)

DIANA AM03 air rifle at SHOT Show 2017

The AM03 Trail is the next highlight that DIANA is releasing for the US market. This airgun is based on Mauser’s original M03 hunting rifle. The stock comes with an ergonomic form and an adjustable comb. Additionally, the weapon is ambidextrous and equipped with anti-slip inserts. Airgun performance is 330 m/s. US customers can buy this classic air rifle by DIANA with a bright orange trail finish that is certain to catch the eye.

Technical Data of air rifle DIANA AM03

Original modelMauser M03 bolt action rifle
SystemN-Tec  breakbarrel
Barrel495 mm lenght
Caliber4,5 mm/.177 and 5,5 mm/.22
Magazine capacity1-shot
Weight3.600 g
Total lenght1.160 mm
Energy22 Joule
Price349,- (Manufacturer's UVP)

New air rifle-prototype by DIANA 

A prototype of the new P1000 Evo2 Black was also on show at the DIANA booth, but it is not rolling off the lines yet. All the same, it’s clear that the air rifle packs some impressive features. DIANA kept things hush-hush at the expo, but a Picatinny rail at 6 o’clock, a new barrel and an innovative cartridge hint at a couple of fascinating details. Whatever it is that DIANA whips out of its hat, it’s sure to be worth the wait.

P1000 Evo2 air rifle: prototype from DIANA
The prototype of the new P1000 Evo2 Black air fifels from DIANA at SHOT Show 2017.

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