Chiappa Firearms LA322 Kodiak Cub

Chiappa Firearms LA322 Kodiak Cub
Smontaggio Chiappa Firearms LA322 Kodiak Cub

The Italian-based Chiappa Firearms company – operating in north America through a plant located in Dayton, Ohio – launched its rimfire LA-322 lever-action sporting carbine at the SHOT Show last year.

Now, the Chiappa line of rimfire caliber lever-action carbines expands with the launch of the LA322 Kodiak Cub model – basically a restyled baseline LA322 patterned aesthetically after Chiappa's own big-bore Kodiak hunting rifle.

The Chiappa LA322 Kodiak Cub lever-action rifle sports a full matte, corrosion and weather-resistant hard-chrome finish on all metal parts and a black Soft Touch finish on the stock and handguard. 

Just like the baseline LA322, it quickly and conveniently strips in two parts for easier transport and safer storage. The front-loading magazine tube holds fifteen rounds of .22 Long Rifle ammunition.

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