BSA Goldstar SE air rifle

The Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) was founded in 1861 by 14 gunsmiths in Birmingham. Already during the Crimean War, the company supplied arms to the British government. However, due to falling sales figures in the arms trade, the manufacturer later shifted his focus to the construction of bicycles. In addition, BSA also designed motorcycles and even motor vehicles.

The BSA Gold Star SE is an air rifle made by the famous British works. It’s available in 4.5 and 5.5 mm calibres, and was designed in collaboration with several field target shooters. The Gold Star SE is 91 cm long and has a 385 mm barrel. 

Technical data of the air rifle BSA Gold Star SE

It’s a “full power” rifle, in other words producing a muzzle energy of 16 Joules. The pellet muzzle velocity is an impressive 213 m/s (for the 4.5) and 183 m/s (for the 5.5), with an operating pressure of 232 bar. The best thing about the BSA Gold Star SE is the fully adjustable trigger, that allows the user to tune the trigger mechanism to perfection. Precision is guaranteed by the cold hammer forged rifled barrel. Pellets are fed from a sturdy plastic rotary magazine that holds ten pellets on the 4.5 mm version.

There’s a lot of adjustment at the stock, which is made of layered wood available in various colour combinations. You can adjust the position of the cheek piece, butt pad and palm rest. The recommended retail price is around €1,000.

BSA Gold Star SE
Caliber: 4,5 mm
5,5 mm
Barrel length:38,5 cm
Overall length:91 cm
Weight:3,2 kg
Air tank pressure:232 bar
Muzzle Energy:16 Joule
Shots per air tank fill:Caliber 4,5 mm: 75
Caliber 5,5 mm: 90
Max. Muzzle velocity:Caliber 4,5 mm: 213 m/s
Caliber 5,5 mm: 183 m/s
Price:ca 1.000,- Euro

Further information on the PCP carbine BSA Gold Star SE you will find directly on the website of the weapon manufacturer.

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