Anschütz new products 2017: suppressors and air rifles

In addition to a change in color scheme at the Anschütz IWA 2017 booth (red seemed to dominate over the traditional blue) and the correspondingly designed guns three different new products were truly attention-grabbing. 

Suppressors by Anschütz

Three suppressors exhibition
Anschütz presented two new suppressors at the IWA 2017.

The first surprise are the new suppressors by Anschütz.

Two new models were unveiled: the model Overbarrel was designed in cooperation with dedicated hunters. As the name suggests, about 6cm of the barrel are actually inside the suppressor housing, thus gas expansion occurs in two separate chambers. The internals are called “monocore” consisting of a single double-helix shaped diffuser. Caliber choice is limited to .30 and 8 millimeter. 

The „Quick Connect“ suppressor serves the same calibers and utilizes virtually the same core but instead of a direct mount Anschütz decided to use an adaptor. They guarantee optimal repeatability and robustness and manufacture a muzzle brake and a protective cover as well. 

Anschütz 9015 Field Target air rifle

Trigger of the Anschütz air rifle
THe trigger pull weight is 30-170 grams.

Among the number of new offerings two air rifles caught our eye: the 9015 Field Target is based on the 9015 One action. The action was redesigned to achieve a higher muzzle velocity. 

Working pressure is now up to 90atm. Thus, a 4.5mm pellet can be accelerated up to 210 m/s equal to about 15 Joules. 

This particular air rifle is specifically designed for the Field Target shooting sports. Numerous adjustment options and a total weight of about 2kg make it an ideal gun for this type of sport. 

Anschütz 9015 Hunter air rifle

Man presents the Anschütz air rifle
The new ANSCHÜTZ 9015 is an hunter air rifle based on the successful and unique 9015 ONE model.

Based on the 9015 One action, too, this high power air rifle is well-suited for hunting and inexpensive hunting practice.

It achieves 210 m/s muzzle velocity with a .177 pellet. Among the features are a thumbhole stock with overextended cheek rest, a dovetail rail and a match grade barrel.

Technical data of the Anschütz 9015 Field Target air rifle and Hunter air rifle

9015 Field Target
9015 Hunter
4,5 mm / .177
4,5 mm / .177
Overall length
920 – 1025 mm
970 mm
2.200 g
3.100 g
Muzzle energy
15 J
15 J

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