Troy Defense SOCC: new series of rifles

Troy Defense is synonymous with firearms that are “Made in America”. Hence, it’s only fitting that the company used SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas to launch its latest products in the SOCC (Special Operations Compatible Carbine) series, among other things. This latest iteration was designed primarily for professional use, i.e. for military and law enforcement purposes. 

The rifle is available in three variants in caliber 5.56 mm NATO: as a SOCC Carbine with a 14.5-inch barrel configuration, as the SOCC CQB (Close Quarter Battle), or as a 7.5-inch SOCC PDW (Personal Defense Weapon). Furthermore, Troy has already announced plans to also add the calibers .300 BLK and 7.62 mm NATO to the series.

Costing US$1599 each, the firearms come with innovative features such as new, low-profile BattleRails, a new stock, redesigned magazines, a reworked safety selector and a new charging handle. The G2s by Geissele is fitted as the trigger.

TROY SOCC Battlemag magazine
The new TROY SOCC Battlemag is part of the equipment of the carabiners.

Buyers can then select from a variety of options to put together their own individual weapon. But the price may then also rise by a fair number of dollars depending on the configuration. There are also new sights available for the carbines, again with a number of options. First, there are the fixed models made of specially treated aircraft aluminum, and second the low-profile flip-up sights that are a further 45% lower than current versions of the Troy BattleSights.

It is certainly conceivable that Troy Defense will modify the weapons and release a civilian model on the US market. Sports shooters would definitely benefit from the new features.

TROY Defense SOCC specs

Caliber:5,56 mm NATO5,56 mm NATO
5,56 mm NATO
Barrel lengths:36,82 cm (14,5 inches)26,67 cm (10,5 inches)
19,05 cm (7,5 inches)
Total lengths:85,1 cm
74,9 cm
65,4 cm

New TROY Pump Action Rifles

What’s more? Troy has announced that it will update all of its Troy pump action rifles in 2017 to better accommodate the current needs of their clientele, who have to be able to rely 100% on the weapons from Troy. The plans include a brand-new forestock for cycling.

TROY Pump Action Rifle 2017
The TROY Pump Action Rifles will be modified in 2017: the repeating rifles will get a new forestock.

For more information about TROY Defense products, please visit the weapons manufacturer's website.

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