Steyr SSG M1: a novel sniper rifle system

The SSG M1 replaces the aging predecessor SSG 08 in Steyrs portfolio and is clearly targeted at the military and law enforcement customer. According to unnamed sources the Austrian Army already ordered 120 SSG M1 for their special forces.

Steyr SSG M1 sniper rifle system: features

Steyr SSG M1 adjustable stock
The Steyr SSG M1's stock is fully adjustable and foldable.

This commanding bolt action rifle is an evolution from the SSG 08. With an aluminum chassis, it features an adjustable, foldable stock with cheek rest that can be fitted to virtually any user. A rear monopod can be unfolded for stabilizing the rifle. The handguard has ample space for fitting KeyMod compatible accessories and an additional MIL-STD-1913 top rail with 30° forward cant is just asking for a state-of-the-art long range scope. 

Steyr picked a KAHLES K624i with a piggyback Aimpoint Micro I-1 red dot for showcasing at the Enforce Tac. 

The multi caliber sniper rifle platform features rapidly changeable barrels fitted with a 2-chamber compensator. Furthermore, a redesigned single stage trigger and 10 round magazine come as standard. 

The .308 Winchester versions with 20 in / 508 mm or 23.5 in / 600 mm barrel length weighs in at 13.9 lbs / 6.32 kg or 14.2 lbs / 6.47kg  respectively. The Steyr SSG M1 in the much more potent sniper round .338 Lapua Magnum with its 23 in / 590mm barrel is somewhat heavier at 15 lbs / 6,82 kg. 

Steyr SSG M1 fitted with optical sights
As one of the possible mission configurations, the Steyr SSG M1 is fitted with a KAHLES K624i scope and Aimpoint red dot.

Steyr SSG M1 sniper rifle: technical data

Model:Steyr SSG M1Steyr SSG M1
Caliber:.308 Win..338 Lapua Magnum
Type:bolt action riflebolt action rifle
Magazine capacity:10 rounds6 rounds
Barrel length:20 in / 508 mm - 23.5 in / 600 mm23 in / 690 mm
Weight:13.9 lbs / 6,32 kg - 14.2 lbs / 6,47 kg15 lbs / 6,82 kg

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