News from the MILIPOL 2017 fair in Paris

The venue of MILIPOL can be found every year in Paris or Qatar. This year, the doors for trade visitors opened up in Paris, making it almost a stone's throw away for many European countries and exhibitors.

Overview of the trade fair MILIPOL 2017
The biggest trade fair for police and military took place again in 2017 in Paris.

According to the organizers, 949 exhibitors from 55 countries presented their products on security-relevant topics. In the 4 days, the fair attracted around 24,000 trade visitors from 143 countries. No wonder, the issue of internal security is becoming increasingly important in the wake of international terrorism. Everyone has realized by now that in this area dedication and financial commitment is to be shown if democracy is to be preserved.

News for police and military at MILIPOL 2017

Even before the actual opening, some companies informed about numerous new products in order to position themselves correctly at the trade fair.

FN SCAR SC Assault Rifle
FN showed at MILIPOL 2017 the FN SCAR SC with its barrel just 7.5 "/ 191mm long.
FN 509 Pistol
Also new from FN Herstal: the striker-fired pistol FN 509 in caliber 9mm Luger.

The state-owned defense contractor FN Herstal announced in advance the sub-compact variant of the FN SCAR (Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle). It boasts a 7.5 "/ 191 mm ultra-short barrel, which may well raise doubts about the ballistic effect on soft targets, but there seems to be a need here.

The Belgian defense company FN Herstal has also introduced its new striker-fired pistol: the FN 509. We have already shown the service pistol in the 9mm Luger caliber with its features and data here: FN 509 pistol.

Although the trend seems to be moving more and more away from the 9mm x 19 submachine guns to the NATO 5.56mm x 45mm assault rifles, Italian company Beretta is taking a different approach. At MILIPOL 2017 the world's oldest still existing weapon manufacturer presented the first prototype of the PMX.

The weapon comes with a folding stock and has a barrel length of 175 mm. The transparent magazines hold 30 rounds of the popular 9x19 mm ammunition.

Beretta PMX assault rifle
Although the trend seems to be moving away from the submachine gun, Beretta is launching the new 9x19mm PMX model in the market. Here is a prototype at MILIPOL 2017.

The Israeli company IWI (Israel Weapon Industry) presented their latest development: the Tavor 7 (see cover picture). This is an assault rifle in the powerful 7.62x51 mm caliber. Due to its bullpup construction, it comes with a 17 "/ 432 mm barrel for a overall length of just 730 mm.

The steel magazines hold 20 of the long-range and powerful cartridge. A major disadvantage of the bullpup designs has been solved by the engineer: the ejection port can be reversed from right to left in seconds and without tools. Thus, the weapons can also be used by left-shooters without contact with the hot spent cases.

IWI Massada pistol
Also new from IWI at the MILIPOL: the pistol Masada with interchangeable frame in 9x19 mm.

But also in the area of ​handguns IWI has added new products introducing its first striker-fired service pistol with polymer frame.

The Masada is chambered for in 9x19 mm and holds 17 cartridges. The trigger mechanism housing can be removed as in the SIG P320 and used in frames with other colors or sizes.

Aimpoint CompM5 Red Dot sight
Aimpoint introduced at the MILIPOL their new Comp 5 Red Dot sight, which can also be used with the 3x magnifier as in the picture.

When it came to target optics Aimpoint surprised with the Comp M5. It is a 2 MOA red dot sight without magnification with a battery life of 5 years. The Comp M5 is the most compact model of the military and police series for more than 20 years. The Comp M5 weighs just 148 grams (238 grams in standard configuration with mount) and compatible with all night vision devices as well with the in-house 3x or 6x magnifiers.

Pulsar Trail thermal imaging riflescope, at the MILIPOL 2017
At the MILIPOL 2017 Pulsar introduced, among others, the Trail thermal imaging riflescope.

Yukon/Pulsar has introduced three night vision devices at the MILIPOL: the Pulsar Helion XQF and Helion XP of thermal imaging monoculars, the Trail XQ38/XQ50 and Trail XP38/XP50 of thermal imaging riflescopes and the Digisight Ultra N355 digital night vision riflescope. 

The Helion and Trail lines of Thermal Devices are extremely versatile and flexible optics, suitable to both professional and Law Enforcement use; the Digisight Ultra N355 is a digital enhanced night/day riflescope that also progresses its proven technology to a level that is very attractive for professional adoption.

RUAG Stand at the MILIPOL 2017
At the MILIPOL 2017, the Swiss defense company RUAG showed, among other things, the SWISS-P ammunition and the STRYK B pistol.

The Swiss defense company RUAG showed its popular SWISS P ammunition series for police and military. In addition, the internationally operating company also presented the K-series rifle scopes from the Austrian manufacturer Kahles. Furthermore, weapons from Haenel for the Law Enforcement could be examined at booth G 064 in hall 6, including the CR 223 semi-automatic and the RS8 and RS9 sniper rifles. Last but not least, the brand new STRYK B pistol was presented by Arsenal Firearms at the RUAG booth.

Police car at the MILIPOL 2017
We were also able to admire emergency vehicles and accessories at the MILIPOL trade fair in Paris.
Drone demonstration at the MILIPOL 2017
A large part of MILIPOL 2017 in Paris revolved around drones and the defense from them.
Drone defense, MILIPOL 2017
No, this is not a leaf blower for assault rifles, but a concept for the drone defense by ITHPP-Alcen. With microwave radiation, it should still be effective against drones up to 1,000 meters.
Live demonstration at the MILIPOL 2017
The supporting program of MILIPOL 2017 included live demonstrations with protective gear.

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