FN Herstal: new accessories for modern weapon systems

EnforceTac 2017: Shot counter FN SmartCore for FN SCAR

The brand new, self-powering FN SmartCore information system requires no batteries or maintenance. The data memory integrated into the stock, with completely automated software, uses the energy generated by the repetition action to power itself and collect such information as number of shots (with live ammunition or blanks and in dry fire exercises), weapon maintenance intervals, users or location.

The new ‘clever core’ from the FN e-novation line belongs to the company’s ‘FN Small Arms Management solution’ program and significantly improves logistics in military and police units.

FN Smart Core is available for the FN SCAR assault rifle family in L and H versions in 5.56×45 NATO and 7.62×51 NATO, as well as for FN MINIMI M249 machine guns in 5.56×45 mm and Mk48 in 7.62 ×51 mm.

FN Herstal SmartCore
Clever core: the FN SmartCore data memory powers itself with energy generated by the repeater action and therefore doesn’t dependent on external sources.
FN SmartCore counter Minimi
The read-out device of the data memory FN Herstal SmartCore.
FN SmartCore pistol grip
The data memory FN SmartCore is located in the handle.

FN Herstal Fire Control Unit Mk3 Fire Control System

FN has over 15 years of experience in the construction of electronic fire control systems for 40 mm grenade launchers and is now introducing the third Mk3 generation of the FCU (Fire Control Unit). The convincing features of its predecessor – such as automatic breakpoint adjustment and fast target acquisition by day and night – were kept. The most recent, smaller dimensioned, energy-saving fire control unit has an improved laser rangefinder, a larger view window, as well as an improved MIL-STD-1913 mount with quick lock. The FCU Mk3 also has several new laser security features, which enable expansion of the training spectrum.

FN Herstal FCU Mk3
The Fire Control Unit (FCU) Mk3 from FN Herstal in Detail.

FN Expert Marksmanship Training System

The FN Expert Marksmanship Training System
The training device FN Expert Marksmanship Training System can be mounted on any rifle.

Developed by the FN subsidiary Noptel from Finland, the Belgian authorities present an innovative fire arm training device for dry firing exercises, as well as firing live ammunition and blanks, which can be mounted on any rifle and carbine.

The training system can be used in indoor shooting ranges, as well as open-air ranges at distances up to 300 meters. The shooter trains with his or her own service weapon and receives direct feedback on his or her performance. Whereby the system helps to improve fundamental shooting techniques (stance, hold, aiming, breathing and trigger squeeze). The training tool measures the movement of the weapon during discharge, shows misses/hits and provides a graphic analysis of the entire process. This objective evaluation of the shooter’s performance simplifies the range of tasks for the trainer.

Training System with  Computer Support
The FN Expert Marksmanship Training System device provides a numeric and graphic analysis of the shooter’s performance.

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