Extrema Ratio Requiem: tactical lightness

One of the trends more clearly established by Extrema Ratio designers with their more recent fixed blade knives is that dimensions are relatively small. That’s not a bad idea for a whole series of practical reasons, starting from the outline, the weight and the eventuality that the sheath or the handle can get caught up with other elements of the equipment, with disastrous results. It must be considered that since these knives are built for professional use it is essential for those who design them to imagine that the operator who will bring them into action will already be overloaded with weapons, magazines, radios, flak jacket and so on. At the end of the day even an inch and a few grams matter.

Extrema Ratio Requiem: technical features

At first sight the Extrema Ratio Requiem is apparently a dagger, but actually only one side of its stiletto-type blade is sharpened, so it is a real multi-role tool that can be used safely even for non-military applications.

As usual for this Italian manufacturer, the blade is made of Böhler N690 stainless steel hardened to 58HRC. It has a “stone-washed” or blued finish with MIL-C-13924 military standard (Requiem Black) and is  4.6 in / 118 mm long and 0.15 in / 4 mm thick.

The Extrema Ratio Requiem knife with its Aspis Nylon sheath.
The Extrema Ratio Requiem knife with its innovative Aspis Nylon sheath.

The handle is in Forprene, and a short section on the back of the blade is knurled for thumb grip. On the lower section there is a corresponding small guard.

The Extrema Ratio Requiem is equipped with the innovative Aspis Nylon sheath designed to allow for a quick release of the blade. It can also be fixed to M.O.L.L.E webbing via two multi-position clips.

The Requiem is available with handle and sheath in Black, Desert, HCS (light green), Ranger Green (dark green) and Wolf Gray. All models have a "stone washed" blade apart from the "Requiem Black" that has a blued blade. 

The retail price is around 150 euros.

Extrema Ratio Requiem: technical data

Fixed blade knife   
Blade material:      
N690 steel    
Blade length:   
4.6 in / 118 mm
Total length:     
9.3 in / 236 mm
Blade thickness:0.15 in / 4 mm     
150 euro approx.

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