Enforce Tac 2017: new compact Universal Service Weapon from B&T

The B&T Universal Service Weapon (USW) chambered for the 9x19 mm round has been developed in Switzerland and is intended to offer security forces a service firearm that is light and space-saving as a semi-automatic handgun but still achieves the precision and range of a sub-machine gun in the 9mm pisol caliber.

The basic USW, a cross between a duty pistol and a carbine, was first displayed to the public last year as a prototype. This year B+T brought up finalized pre-production versions of the USW A1 in full size, plus its newest creation, the USW A1 Compact.

Features of B&T USW-A1

The B&T USW was already featured at All4Shooters last year, so we will not go into much details here; for those wanting a quick run-down, it’s a sidearm which can be carried and used same way as a duty pistol, but then might be converted into a much more accurate carbine-type weapon in a matter of second or two, thanks to integrated side-folding stock. 

Early prototypes of the USW had aluminum alloy stocks, but production guns will feature lighter polymer stocks that fold to the right when not in use. A simple button release on the right side of the trigger guard, and a spring allow for a really fast deployment of the stock when required.

The USW Compact is an even smaller weapon, with dimensions similar to many semi-compact pistols now on the market. Its key feature is the same integrated side-folding shoulder stock, which would permit accurate shooting at the extended ranges not typically associated with compact pistols of comparable size. 

Three magazines are available, with a capacity of 17, 19 and 30 rounds.

B&T USW with Aimpoint NANO illuminated spot sight
The scope of delivery of the B & T USW also includes an Aimpoint NANO illuminated spot sight.
Aimpoint NANO reflex sight on the B&T USW
The reflex visor Aimpoint NANO is attached to the rear sleeve bridge of the B & T USW.

The barrel of the B & T Universal Service Weapon measures 110 millimeters and has an muzzle thread on which a silencer can be mounted. The slide features two symmetrically arranged extensions, which facilitate the operation of the slide for loading the firearm even with wet hands or thick gloves.

Universal Service Weapon by B & T with folded buttstock and silencer
The compact version of the B & T USW-A1 with folded buttstock.
Service pistol B&T USW-A1 
The Universal Service Weapon of B & T with unfolded buttstock and silencer.

Technical data of the Universal Service Weapon from B&T

Caliber:9 x 19 mm
System:Browning modified
Length min./max.255 mm / 470 mm
Width43 mm
Lenght170 mm
Barrel lenght
110 mm
Weight:980 g
Stock lenght
360 mm
Magazine:17, 19 and 30 rounds
B&T Kit comprises:USW-A1, B&T APL Advanced Pistol Light, Magazine, cleaning kit, tactical sling, Aimpoint NANO Reflex sight,  B&T safety holster, case and user manual

The price of USW-A1 has not released to the public but will be according to the manufacturer in the segment of normal service weapon in addition to the mounted accessories (folding stock, light, aimpoint).

B&T Universal Service Weapon service pistol
The B & T Universal Service Weapon handles like a regular service pistol, thanks to its compact size and limited weight.

For more information on B&T weapons, please visit the B&T website.

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