WALTHER 2017: CREED-pistol, KK500 and FP500

With a track record of 130 years, being at the forefront of innovation has become a tradition for Walther. They are developing and building tomorrows guns at their 12.000 m² factory. Some of the results can be seen at the 2017 IWA. 

WALTHER CREED pistol in 9 mm Luger

Now they are also available in Europe: the WALTHER CREED at the recommended retail price of 599, - Euro.

After its premiere in the US, the WALTHER CREED now comes ashore in Europe and is showcased at the IWA Outdoor Classics. This modern polymer-framed handgun is already considered an economical alternative to many of its competitors. 

The 9mm Luger polymer framed pistol utilizes a 4“ barrel with an overall length of 185mm and total weight (unloaded) of 755g. 

It features a double-action trigger, recessed hammer for concealed carry and comes with two 16-round magazines. The magazine release is interchangeable from the left to the right. The grip is specially textured for a solid, anti-slip feel and ergonomic handling. 

WALTHER CREED pistol at the IWA 2017
The WALTHER CREED, a 9mm pistol first showcased in the USA, is now becoming available in Europe as well.
WALTHER CREED in full view from left
WALTHER CREED stands for quality, ergonomic design and simple handling.
Side view of the WALTHER CREED 
WALTHER CREED stands for quality, ergonomic design and simple handling.

WALTHER KK500 "Ultra Light"

KK500 Ultra-Light Edition
The KK500 “Ultra Light” is the logical advancement of the line for shooters who prefer a lightweight rifle to the more solid match builds

Wihe introduction of the KK500 in 2015 WALTHER set new standards for .22 match rifles. The KK500 “Ultra Light” is the logical advancement of the line for shooters who prefer a lightweight rifle to the more solid match builds. 

It was primarily devised for junior shooters and female competitors yet even someone who prefers a little more bulk to his or her rifle will profit from the individual balance that can be achieved thanks to the distributable extra weights. 

Of course, the Ultra Light utilizes the same “Ambi-Action-System” already proven by its big brother KK500 in countless competitions and does not skimp a jota on accuracy. 

The features include: 

  • 650 mm light contoured barrel 
  • extremely short stock possible
  • long bolt handle (+15 mm), red anodized
  • "Red Devil" laminate foreend and pistol grip
  • silver anodized case
  • Centra Diopter SPY
  • butstock "WING" according to current international rules

"Free Pistol" WALTHER FP500

The newest addition to the Ulm-based WALTHER portfolio is the free pistol FP 500. Based on a falling block action, it is equipped with a short barrel including compensator and adjustable grip made by Rink, this pistol is every competition shooters dream. 

The center of gravity is adjustable thanks to movable weights. Thanks to the specifically designed muzzle flip compensator, the gun stays extremely steady when fired. Additional features include: 

  • Silver anodized case
  • Set trigger with training mode
  • Shorter barrel for optimized balance and reduced recoil
  • New front sight base
  • Adjustable overall length and sight radius
  • Simplified removal of front sight for maintenance and cleaning
  • Additional grip sizes
  • Grip angle adjustable by 5°
  • Elevated front sight
  • Comes with hard case and tools
  • An advanced, adjustable muzzle flip compensator is available
Walther is offering a free pistol again.
Compensator for the WALTHER FP500
The compensator specifically designed for the WALTHER FP500.

Special Walther "Green Pepper" pistols

A whole new family of guns now comes with WALTHERS „Green Pepper“ laminate stocks and grips. 

WALTHER now offers many of their guns in the trend color „Green Pepper“. These laminate stocks do not incur any additional costs and will be available for: 

  • LP400 Alu, MEMORY 3D-laminate stock "Green Pepper", right hand, size M
  • LP400 Carbon, MEMORY 3D- laminate stock "Green Pepper", right hand, Größe M
  • LG400-M Anatomic "Green Pepper", right hand, M-Griff
  • LG400-M Expert "Green Pepper", right hand, M-Griff
  • SSP-M 3D- laminate stock "Green Pepper", right hand, Größe M
  • KK500-M Anatomic "Green Pepper", right hand, M-Griff
  •  KK500-M Expert "Green Pepper" right hand, M-Griff
Green Pepper Schichtholzschaft und Griff beim WALTHER LG400
WALTHER zeigte das Luftgewehr LG400-M in neuem Design mit grünen Schichtholzschäften
WALTHER "Green Pepper" gun lined up
A whole new family of guns now comes with WALTHERS „Green Pepper“ laminate stocks and grips.
Green Peppers KK500 
The new KK500 is the new top model .22 match rifle derived from the WALTHER KK300.
KK500-E Anatomic right view
The WALTHER KK500-E Anatomic offers superior ergonomics. It is designed for the serious competitor.
WALTHER KK300 Blacktec PLUS right view
Many national and international titles were won thanks to the legendary WALTHER KK300 action and its superior accuracy.
Green Pepper Griff right view
The laminate grips now come in many different colors. “Green Pepper” is one of the new favorites.
Air pistol LP400 from WALTHER
The Walther LP400 now offerens a never before seen plethora of adjustable details and grip sizes
WALTHER LP400 Carbon 
The WALTHER LP400 Carbon is a serious high-tech precision air pistol.
WALTHER SSP-M Green Pepper
The WALTHER SSP ushered in a new era of sports shooting.
The WALTHER LG400 Anatimic Green Pepper has become an instant hit with competitive shooters.
Green Pepper LG400 Expert
The LG400 series by WALTHER is offered in many colors.

Additional information about the WALTHER USA handgun lineup can be found on the WALTHER Arms inc. website.  

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