WALTHER CREED and Q5 Match: new polymer pistol in the US

The American audience attending the Industry Day at the Range was invited to test a number of new products on the firing range. The prestigious manufacturer WALTHER came packing the four-inch polymer pistol CREED and the Q5 Match as a five-inch model. These handguns are already released in Europe, so there was plenty of interest in what WALTHER had to show out in the desert.

New polymer pistol WALTHER CREED, chambered in caliber 9 mm Luger

Value for money: The WALTHER CREED
WALTHER CREED: the polymer pistol offers signature ergonomics, an outstanding trigger design and great quality at an unbeatable price.

Internet rumors had been swirling for some time among WALTHER aficionados that the manufacturer was preparing to launch a new compact and affordable polymer pistol on the US market–  and then the WALTHER CREED arrived. The spanking new pistol impresses above all with its signature ergonomics, outstanding trigger design, great quality and unbeatable value for money. With a total length of approximately 18.5 cm, the handgun weighs around 755 g with an empty magazine. The pre-cocked double action trigger and a bobbed hammer ensure a no-snag draw from concealed carry.

The weapon lies firm in the hand when firing thanks to the anti-slip, cross-directional grip surface. The metal components are treated with the corrosion and abrasion resistant TENIFER® coating, providing a matte black hardened surface. The WALTHER CREED is meant as a statement of intent: the recommended retail price is US$399. In return, buyers receive a compact polymer pistol in a hard shell case with two 16-round magazines.

Trigger on the WALTHER CREED pistol
The pre-cocked double-action trigger and the bobbed hammer on the WALTHER CREED in 9 mm Luger ensure a no-snag draw from concealed carry.

Sporty WALTHER Q5 Match for competitions

The WALTHER Q5 Match is built specifically for competitive shooters needing dynamics and precision. Every aspect of this polymer pistol in caliber 9 mm Luger is designed for sports competitions, setting it apart from WALTHER’s own PPQ M2. Weighing 775 g, the Q5 Match is hardly heavier than the WALTHER CREED, and the total length is 20.6 cm. The pre-cocked Quick Defense trigger pulling at 2,500 g delivers outstanding characteristics. What’s more, all kinds of aftermarket parts – including Docter Optics– can be mounted on the Picatinny rail.

The shooters flocked here from all over the world to put WALTHER’s two polymer – CREED and Q5 Match – through their paces. Drawing on over 130 years of experience, the richly traditional company has secured a firm place on the US and global markets. Customers and partners alike know that the excellent products are built to last and that the company offers flexible and above all reliable service.

Visit the WALTHER CREED website for more information on the polymer pistols.

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