Walther Arms: new pistol "CREED"

Among the fan base on the internet rumors that Walther will bring in the US a new small, inexpensive polymer-gun on the market. But what is behind the rumors about the new handgun of Walther Arms Inc.? We show you everything worth knowing.

The cause was a jigsaw puzzle on Facebook by Walther Firearms, with a pistol pictured. In different periods another part of the image was published on the social platform.

An insider at the company Carl Walther in Germany confirmed us on demand that there will be actually a new polymer pistol with the name "CREED" in the United States. But these were no official information from the manufacturer. However, we strongly believe that this new model will be officially presented at the SHOT Show 2017 and will eventually come to Europe.

On our research we found this video of Walther Firearms in the United States:

Meanwhile, it is also officially confirmed in the social media of Walther Arms in the USA: The CREED will come! The pistol Walther CREED was presented at SHOT Show and IWA OutdoorClassics 2017. In USA the WALTHER CREED is offered a MRSP of 399,- US-Dollar; in Europe the pistol is offered at a MRSP of 599,- Euro. Reason enough to talk about the leaked details:

Pistol Walther CREED in 9mm Luger

The new polymer frame pistol from Walther Arms Inc. will officially be called "CREED" and will probably come to the market in the United States in the caliber 9 mm Luger. The compact pistol is in its dimensions suitable for concealed carrying, as a sports pistol or simply as a self-defense weapon for your house and yard.

Walther CREED pistol in an overview
First, for the United States: the Walther "CREED" pistol. Price: $ 399.

A CREED pistol is a set of fundamental beliefs. For Walther, those beliefs are superior ergonomics, excellence in trigger design, and unparalleled accuracy, quality, and reliability. The new Walther CREED makes a statement in modern polymer-frame handguns that all of these features can be achieved with
 an economic price- tag. The MSRP of the CREED is only $ 399.

Characteristics of Walther "CREED"

The Creed offers a reinforced polymer frame with signature ergonomics that shooters have come to expect from Walther. The non-slip grip texturing, standard on most Walther pistols, ensures the gun remains firmly in the shooter’s hand during use. The Creed features a pre-cocked double-action trigger system and a bobbed hammer that ensure a no-snag draw from a concealment. This system provides the shooter with a light and smooth trigger pull, consistent from the first shot to the last

Walther CREED manual
The Walther CREED will only come in 9mm Luger. Here is the manual.
Walther CREED pistol in 9mm Luger
At a retail price of $ 399 Walther CREED is a real bargain

All metal components are treated with a corrosion and abrasion resistant TENIFER® coating, providing a matte black hardened surface. With an ambidextrous magazine release, low profile steel 3-dot sights, and front and rear cocking serrations on the slide, Walther refused to compromise on the quality or features of the Creed. Offered in 9mm with a 4-inch barrel and 1/10 twist. 

The overall length is 7.3 inches and an empty magazine weight of 26.6 ounces.

The CREED by Walther Arms comes with two 16-round magazines, a hardshell case, a lock, user manual and a safety flag for the chamber.

If it also sports the kind of superior out-of-the-box trigger so many other Walthers have, the affordable Creed should be very much in demand. 

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