Taurus Spectrum .380: handgun for personal defence

Taurus presented its Spectrum .380 Auto semi-automatic sub-compact pistol at the SHOT Show 2017. It’s designed to be carried for self-defence or as a Backup. 

Features of the Taurus Spectrum

Taurus Spectrum handgun with blue rubber inserts
SHOT Show 2017: Taurus Spectrum, handgun with polymer frame and synthetic rubber inserts.

The most original feature on the Spectrum, designed and built in the USA, is the polymer frame with synthetic rubber inserts and grips in contrasting textures and colours.

Apart from its aesthetic qualities, this frame configuration makes the handgun very easy to control as it fits easily into your hand, even in an emergency when you’re under stress. There’s an interesting range of colours available: the frame can be black, grey or white, while the rubber inserts are available in a variety of different tones, from blue to pink, bronze to crimson, creating an almost infinite palette of colour variations.

Taurus Spectrum at 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas 
Taurus pistols Spectrum, showed at SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

But let’s take a closer look at the gun itself. This handgun has a double action trigger only, and the magazine holds 6 or 7 rounds (in the longer version). It has a 2.8 inch (366 mm) barrel, a matt burnished steel slide and fixed sights. The handgun (without ammo) weighs 280 grams. The trigger pull is 3.1-4 kg. The integral lock on the side of the gun can be opened or closed using a coin.

The Taurus Spectrum sells for less than USD 300. Let's wait and see for the EU availability and pricing.

For more information, please visit the Taurus website.

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