SIG Sauer XM17: GLOCK raises an objection

The US Department of Defense declared on January 19, 2017 that SIG Sauer had won the tender for the American army’s new “Modular Handgun System” MHS. We have already reported on this here. GLOCK was one of the finalists in the tendering procedure and was considered by many to be the secret favorite. The Austrian weapons manufacturer is now raising an objection to the decision. 

The US Army’s MHS contract includes pistols, accessories and ammunition and lasts for ten years. With an agreed cost of 544 million euros (over 580 million US dollars) it is the largest and most prestigious service pistol deal of all time!

SIG Sauer XM17: modified P320

The polyer framed SIG Sauer P320 pistol, equipped with firing pins, is due to replace the Beretta M9 service pistol. The Beretta has been the official US Army service pistol for over 30 years.

We were able to inspect the new SIG Sauer pistol at SHOT Show 2017 and Enforce Tac 2017. The model to be used by the US Army is called the SIG Sauer XM17. It is based on the well-known system of the P320 but has been modified for military use. As part of the MHS contract, the P320 is to be delivered in full size and compact format to standard and extended magazines, which have been prepared to contain sound absorbers.

Whether GLOCK can change the outcome of the tendering procedure to its benefit remains to be seen. You’d be right to be excited, because the last word has by no means been spoken.

For further information on SIG SAUER USA, please visit the website of the weapon manufacturer.

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