SIG Sauer X-Six Match 9x19mm caliber: this is heavy metal

Whatever people might say about the Beretta Nano or the Kahr MK9, anyone looking to buy a substantially larger 9mm-caliber pistol instead of a typical "pocket pistol" will eventually have to take a good, long look at the SIG Sauer pistols line: the X-Six Match presented here is not just the largest pistol in the entire test range, but is also among the heaviest, weighing in at 1363 grams – only the Tanfoglio Stock III Xtreme is to be found in the same weight class. Still, the X-Six Match is just one of many X-Series versions that SIG Sauer released since the product line was first presented in 2013. Indeed, the X-Series itself is based on the X-Five model − first introduced in 2004 − and the 1-inch longer X-Six version, launched one year late. In turn, this duo draws on the SIG Sauer P-226 SL, the first of the SIG Sauer line to be fully manufactured out of stainless steel, and released first in 1998.

There are three particularly eye-catching elements of the X-Series, look-wise:

  1. The newly designed slide sports a "dynamically" bevelled section around the muzzle;
  2. The MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny" rail on the dust cover comes with a round recess in its centre, designed to accept SIG Sauer’s own mount, the X-Mount, or the additional X-Weight ballast; 
  3. A factory-fitted sight holder fitted to the back of the slide, called the ‘multifunctional interface’ and designed to enable quick replacement of the rear sight. Additionally, a slide racker element, operable on the left and the right, can be fitted here in place of the rear sight.
SIG Sauer X-Six Match 9x19mm caliber pistol
SIG Sauer X-Six Match field-stripped: the grip panels are held in place by Torx screws and come with an X-shaped etching

Other less conspicuous and not immediately noticeable changes to the grip design were conceived to improve the overall ergonomics of the gun and to facilitate the installation of the magwell funnel.

Generally speaking, the X-Series pistol sports a modular design. More simply put, customers can buy the cheapest version and then upgrade the weapon to suit their needs, using conversion kits. And there are plenty of versions: the current X-Series now includes the Classic, Match, Supermatch, Allround, Xpress, SO, Mastershop Sport and Mastershop Individual lines. The last group alone counts over 20 different versions – that in itself illustrates how comprehensive the line’s full scope is.

The technology of the X-Six Match tested here combines typical SIG Sauer elements (locking block, hold-open device) with those found in the Colt 1911 design (single action trigger, frame-mounted safety lever).
And here are the results of the test: the pistol couldn't fare better in terms of grip and frame design, controls and chambering/safety (-0 points each).
An inspection of the finishes revealed slight traces of machining (-1 P), but otherwise the pistol demonstrated to be very well manufactured. Putting the fully adjustable sights through their paces, the testers were somewhat displeased to discover that the target image showed some level of halation to the left and right of the front sight (-1 P).
A review of the trigger features revealed that the single action trigger, which was set at a shade above 1000 grams, was not entirely crisp (-1 P). The accuracy check showed that the weapon was best suited to the heavy full metal jacket by GECO, scoring its top result of 34 mm (-3 P).
For the sake of completeness, it is worth mentioning that this powerfully built sports gun left no wishes unfulfilled in terms of a pleasant shooting experience. 94 of a possible 100 points says it all.

Summary of the SIG Sauer X-Six Match test

Sure, customers are asked to part with a lot of money to purchase this pistol from the higher echelons of the large calibre range — over €2800 to be precise. But in return, with the SIG Sauer X-Six Match they will obtain a reliable, highly accurate and first-rate weapon. Moreover, this model is part of a line of pistols offering a thoroughly tailored concept, which can be adapted to suit any number of requirements and will grow along with its owner’s requirements thanks to the broad range of accessories.

VISIER score for the SIG Sauer X-Six Match in 9 mm Luger:

Accuracy (max. 50 points)
47 points
Chambering/safety (max. 10 points)
10 points 
Trigger features (max. 10 points)
9 points 
Grip and frame design (max. 5 points)    
5 points 
Controls (max. 10 points)    
10 points
Sights (max. 5 points)    
4 points
Finishes (max. 10 points)    
9 points
Total score (max. 100 points)    
94 points
Test grade    
6 of 6 

Test firing the SIG Sauer P226 X-Six Match

NrRound SKV2     
1.115 grs GECO JHP52 (38) mm354 m/s467 J
2.115 grs Sellier & Bellot JHP51 mm358 m/s478 J
3.124 grs Magtech FMC47 (28) mm365 m/s535 J
4.124 grs TopShot FMJRN42 mm336 m/s454 J
5.154 grs GECO FMJ34 mm277 m/s383 J

SIG Sauer P226 X-Six Match: Results of the shooting test using 5 different types of ammunition. The pistol provided the best performance with 154-grains GECO FMJ ammunition


  • Scatter group = 5 /4 -shot groups fired over 25 meters distance from the sandbag rest. In millimeters, measured from center to margin bullet center
  • v2 = projectile speed measured two metres away from the muzzle, in metres-per-second
    E2 = projectile energy measured two metres away from the muzzle, in joules
    Ammunition achronyms:
  • FMJ = Full Metal Jacket
  • FMC = Full Metal Case (both full metal jacket bullets)
  • FMJRN = full metal jacket round nose.

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SIG-Sauer P226 X-Six Match

SIG Sauer X-Six Match 9x19mm caliber pistolMichael Schippers

€ 2.869,00
ModelP226 X-Six Match
Typesemiautomatic pistol
Caliber9x19 mm
Trigger systemsingle action
Safetiesexternal manual, ambidextrous thumb safety
Barrel153 mm
Sightsadjustable target style sights
Overall length24,9 cm / 9,8 inches
Weight (empty)1363 g/ 48 ounces
Materials / FinishesStainless steel frame and slide
NotesAll-steel pistol with adjustable single-action trigger, fully adjustable sights, beavertailed grip backstrap, wooden grip panels, funneled and extended magazine well, skeletonized hammer and Picatinny accessory rail. Sold in protective case with spare magazine, user manual and test target