SIG Sauer X-Five Open: Race gun for IPSC competitions

Sport shooter in a dynamic IPSC shooting competition
The SIG Sauer X-Five Open, a handgun for the Open Division: IPSC shooting enjoys growing popularity. Increasing numbers of women are also succumbing to this dynamic discipline within sports shooting.

The Open Division is the name of the premium discipline organized by the International Practical Shooting Confederation. Almost all modified revolvers and semiautomatic handguns with a broad variety of custom features are eligible in this ‘open’ class. So it is only logical that the IPSC shooters go on stage with race guns that are customized specifically to suit their needs and that come with a dazzling array of add-ons. 

Aside from a minimum barrel length of three inches and a 170 mm restricted magazine length, the IPSC Open Division is literally ‘open’ to everything. Other restrictions only apply to the minimum bullet caliber, the case length and projectile weight. IPSC shooters competing in the Open Division are otherwise free in their selection of heavily upgraded race guns. 

Muzzle brakes, jet funnels and slide rackers to facilitate cycling are the most frequently encountered tuning kits for handguns entered in the IPSC Open Division. The majority of them will be extremely modified single action pistols with wide grips for up to 28 rounds. The athletes also equip their competition handguns with electronic sighting aids such reflex sights. The list of prestigious manufacturers offering this kind of race gun out of the box is extensive.

IPSC shooter in the Handgun Open Division
IPSC shooters complete the stages in the Handgun Open Division using heavily upgraded competition pistols. Known as ‘race guns’, firearms like the SIG Sauer X-Five Open offer shooters a host of custom options.

SIG Sauer X-Five Open – Specifically engineered for the Handgun Open Division in IPSC sports shooting

Magazines for the SIG Sauer X-Five Open pistol
The ergonomic grip of the SIG Sauer X-Five Open has sufficient space for a double-row 25-round magazine, and guarantees an ideal grip on the ergonomic pistol.

All IPSC shooters with a foible for firearms ‘made in Germany’ will get what they need from SIG Sauer. The Eckenförde-based manufacturer offers a ready-made top seller in the competition X-Five Open handgun. The features of this race gun quite evidently address the needs of an IPSC Open Division firearm. The sports handgun X-Five by SIG Sauer is based on the proven service pistol model P 226. The weapon is uncompromisingly versatile thanks to its varied options for customization.

The SIG Sauer X-Five Open comes with a screw-on compensator for cushioning up to 40% of the recoil, depending on how the load is charged. The ergonomic grip has space for a double-row, 25-round magazine inserted via a mounted jet funnel made of aluminum. Here, the high quality grip plates ensure a truly firm grasp. The slide racker is perched on the slide next to the front sight and can be shifted from the left side to a center position or to the right. The red dot/reflex sights – for instance the Aimpoint Micro or the SIG Sauer Romeo3 – are easy to attach and replace using the X-Mount-Bridge.

Sports pistol SIG Sauer X-Five
SIG Sauer X-Five Open: The race guns for the IPSC Handgun Open Division are built using the SIG Sauer X-Five.

The trigger system on the SIG Sauer X-Five Open allows for modification and customization of the main trigger functions to suit the shooter’s personal preferences. The trigger can be adapted to suit the finger length in a ten millimeter range, while a screw enables variation in the trigger pull between 1,000 g and 1,600 g. Other components such as the extended magazine release button and a skeleton hammer, along with the G-10 grip plates, round off the competition handgun’s overall sporting look. 

SIG Sauer X-Five Open – Best performance for the Handgun Open Division

The Handgun Open Division – the premium discipline in IPSC shooting – attracts sports shooters who enjoy firing exclusive and heavily upgraded pistols. The rulebook permits numerous performance-enhancing modifications and add-ons to the sports firearm. But not only the handguns and the rate of fire are out of this world in this IPSC division – also the costs that sports shooters will be asked to fork out are positively on the higher end of the spectrum.

SIG Sauer has a large range of add-ons and accessories available out of the box for the entire X series. Besides bridge mounts, barrel weights and grip plates, the shooters can choose between a variety of rear sight designs and front sight blades. Changing hands for the recommended retail price of €4,299.00 (incl. sales tax; price list: 14 October 2016), the SIG Sauer X-Five is the ideal weapon for IPSC shooters competing in the Handgun Open Division.

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You will find more information on the Racegun SIG Sauer X-Five Open directly on the Sig Sauer website.

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