SIG Sauer Select Line pistols new starting 2018

SIG Sauer claims to offer “a full array of products to meet any mission parameter”: in accordance with this claim it has just introduced the new “Select” line of pistols.

The Select Line offers upgraded and enhanced handguns for the demanding users who want a better refined product and are willing to pay something more for it. Something more, but up to a point. 

Actually, SIG already has a line of high performance, enhanced firearms and accessories designed "to meet and exceed the demands of the elite": the “Legion” Line. It includes three models, the compact P229 Legion and the full-size the P226 Legion and P220 Legion. The Legion is also a community whose members receive exclusive product offerings and information from SIG, gain access to premium accessories built specially for the Legion, and find lifestyle items representing their membership. 

That's all well and good, but the downside is that Legion pistols are pretty pricey, ranging from around 1,400,- USD to the 1,904,- USD you have to shell out for a 10mm Auto P220 Legion.

The 9mm SIG Sauer P226 Select showcased at SHOT Show 2018 
The SIG Select Line offers upgraded and enhanced handguns. Here is the 9mm P226 Select.

SIG Sauer Select Line, upgraded features at more affordable prices

The 9mm SIG P229 Select showcased at SHOT Show 2018 
All the SIG Select Line handguns sport these particular black and tan grips. Here a 9mm SIG P229 Select equipped with SIG laser sight.

Here comes the Select Line, that takes some upgraded features from the Legion series at more affordable prices. What prices? Actually, SIG hasn't announced them yet, but they'll certainly be cheaper than Legion's. At the Range Day we've had a glimpse of some Select Line models, like the micro-compact P238 in 380 ACP, and the 9mm P226, P229 and P938. All these are equipped with SIG Elite night sights and G10 grips. The grips sport a black and tan color scheme that's distinctive of the Select Line handguns.

For more information on SIG Sauer, please visit the company’s website.

SIG Sauer also introduced at SHOT Show 2018 the SIG Sauer P365 and the SIG Sauer P938 Stand.

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