SIG Sauer P365 pistol now also available in .380 ACP

A welcome addition for SIG fans: SIG SAUER has just brought a new caliber to the P365 series of pistols with the P365 in .380 ACP. Till now the 365 had only been available in 9mm Para. 

SIG P365 pistol
The recoil spring and stainless steel slide are lighter than in the 9mm version, making the SIG SAUER P365-380 ideal for people with smaller hands or who have trouble racking the slide on a 9mm pistol.

The long awaited .380 variant creates “a new, softer shooting experience for an easier handling micro-compact option for everyday carry,” according to the manufacturer. But the grip module and fire control unit are the same of the previous 365 in 9mm, so trigger pull and controls are also the same – and the new gun is compatible with the holsters you already use for your 9mm P365.

The slide of the P365-380 is lightened and features a lighter recoil spring, making it easier to rack – good news for people with smaller hands or who have trouble racking the slide on a 9mm pistol.

"This pistol was designed for everyone but is an ideal option for shooters with smaller hands, as well as those who find the manipulation and recoil management of larger caliber pistols challenging,” confirms Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG Sauer, Inc.  

Video: SIG Sauer P365-380

SIG Sauer P365-380, optic ready

The P365-380 
The P365-380 is optic-ready and comes factory with dovetail SIGLITE night sights.

Now, the usual technical details: like its 9mm counterpart, the SIG Sauer P365-380 is a striker-fired gun with a modular polymer grip module. An optic-ready stainless-steel slide with Nitron finish, a curved striker trigger, and dovetail SIGLITE night sights round off the package. The pistol is also available with a manual safety. Barrel length is 3.1”, or 78 mm. Capacity is 10+1: compared to 9mm magazines, SIG incorporated a plastic shim into the magazines to accommodate the shorter follower and the shorter .380 cartridges. That's the only difference between the lower half of a P365-380 and that of a 9mm P365.

As mentioned, the gun is optic ready – a SIG ROMEOZero Elite can be mounted directly to the slide, while the dovetailed standard sights can be substituted with suppressor height sights to have a co-witnessed red dot P365-380. (A plate cover comes as standard.)

The new P365-380 micro-compact pistol ships with two 10-round magazines, and the price tag is $499.99.

SIG Sauer P365-380 specs and price


.380 ACP

Barrel Length: 
3.1”/78 mm
Overall Length: 
5.8”/148 mm
4.2”/107 mm
1”/26 mm (1.1”/28 mm w/manual safety)
Sight Radius: 
4.9”/124 mm
Magazine Capacity: 
10 rounds
Weight (w/magazine): 
15.7 oz/445 g

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