Test: SIG Sauer P220 X-Six Pistol in .45 ACP

First things first: Long slide pistols do not shoot more accurately than pistols of the same design with a shorter barrel, usually five inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm), but the additional weight at the muzzle, which for many marksmen means improved balance, and a longer line of sight, brings many an extra bullseye during training and in competitions. With the P220 X-Six, SIG Sauer has brought a model with decisive advantages to market in this segment.

SIG Sauer P220 X-Six – The whole package

SIG Sauer P 220 X-Six disassembled
SIG Sauer uses a two-part action spring design in the P220 X-Six. The picture shows an early version of the P220 X-Six without a rail under the barrel

1911 manufacturers often offer stainless steel as an optional material for their sport variants. Not so at SIG Sauer for the P220 X-Six; from the start it has been manufactured from rust-resistant steel.

The long slide in caliber .45 ACP offers great features straight from the factory. In addition to larger M 1911 A1-style safety levers on both sides, sporting features such as the elongated barrel and slide, the large micrometer adjustable sight, the high-quality grip scales made of walnut, and the fine checkering on the grip's front strap are among the advantages of the pistol.

SIG Sauer P220 X-Six – The technical details

Trigger of the P 220 X-Six
The weight and second stage of the P220 X-Six are adjustable. The distance between the trigger blade and the backstrap can be customized

The P220 X-Six with a total weight of 1,250 g (including magazine) is technically well-equipped. SIG Sauer uses a two-element action spring design, and the P220 X-Six is taken apart using a disassembly lever. When full, the magazine holds eight rounds.

The north German manufacturer has also equipped this model with an automatic firing pin safety spring. We liked the trigger characteristics and factory-preset trigger weight of 1,100 g. Furthermore, not only can the second stage be adjusted, as is usually the case, but also the position of the trigger blade in order to adjust the clearance between it and the backstrap. This is a luxury that is seldom found on large-caliber semiauto pistols.

A matching 9 mm slide and barrel conversion assembly with a length of six inches is also available from the manufacturer. There is also a small caliber conversion kit priced at a relatively affordable 459 euros. Tuning accessories are limited mostly to grip scales from various manufacturers.

SIG Sauer P220 X-Six – Putting it to the test

Clamped in the Ransom Rest, the P220 X-Six gave good shot placements and remained free of any malfunctions. The closest grouping of 26 mm was achieved with coated semiwadcutter lead rounds.

When shot freehand, the pistol impressed with good balance, but also the quality of the factory trigger blade. The weight and second stage of the trigger blade can be adjusted. Furthermore, the distance between the blade and the backstrap can also be customized. Thanks to the weight of the gun, the muzzle rise was not too pronounced.

SIG Sauer X-Six shooting test .45 ACP

Factory cartridges
Group size (mm)
V2 (m/s)
E2 (J)
200 gr Fiocchi FMJ-SWC
200 gr WM LSM-SWC
210 gr WM LSM-RN
230 gr CBC FMJ-SWC
230 gr Remington FMJ-RN
230 gr CCI "Brass" FMJ-RN

The shooting test results of the SIG Sauer X-Six were taken from the 9/2008 issue of VISIER. Bullet abbreviations: FMJ: Full Metal Jacket, SWC: Semiwadcutter, RN: Round Nose, LSM: Lead-Silver Moly (coated lead rounds).

SIG Sauer P220 X-Six – Our verdict

The workmanship of the P220 X-Six gives a solid impression. There are no dingy corners in the matte silver finish, nor badly machined and ill-fitting components to offend your tactile and auditory senses.

Straight from the factory, the feature set of the long slide is an all-round success, and offers sports marksmen luxurious details. In the shooting test, the pistol achieved shot placements that were better than the average. The gun is available for 2,749 euros (recommended retail price).

You will find more information on the SIG Sauer P220 X-Six directly on the SIG Sauer website.

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 SIG Sauer P 220 X-Six
Technical data

data-table-a-placeholderhenry m. linder

SIG Sauer
ModelP 220 X-Six
TypeSemi-automatic pistol
.45 ACP
Trigger stop, trigger weight, and clearance of trigger blade individually customizable, trigger pull: 1,100 g
8 rounds
153 mm
Micrometer, sight length: 219 mm
Total length
252 mm (L) x 145 mm (H) x 44 mm (B)
1.248 g
Material / surface finishStainless steel, extended grip plates made of walnut with integrated magazine well funnel, matte silver surface finish
€ 2,749 (Manufacturer's RRP incl. sales tax)