New from SIG Sauer in 2017: pistols, rifles, ammunition, and optics

Across the pond, SIG Sauer, a manufacturer and outfitter of government units with German roots, enjoys a good reputation in the USA, also in part thanks to its current status as the supplier of the new US Army service pistol P320/M17. We reported on this previously.

As a complete outfitter that offers not only service pistols, assault rifles, machine pistols, silencers, ammunition, and optics, but also competent, professional training via the SIG Sauer Academy, the company is a fixture in the military and police spheres. 

New pistols from SIG Sauer in 2017

By the end of the year, operations are expected to be fully underway for the manufacturing of the striker-fired service pistol P320 with polymer grip module at the German factory in Eckernförde, located in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. This means that the latest, promising SIG Sauer P320 of the “X-series” could also soon be available in Germany. The SIG Sauer P320 X-series was unveiled back at the SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas/USA for the US market.

SIG Sauer P320 X-Five pistol
The modular P320 X-Five with ergonomically improved frame and heavy 5“ barrel impresses with its sporty specs.
Marksman Marijan Loch presents the P320 X-Five
The famous German IPSC top marksman Marijan Loch, here presenting the P320 X-Five match pistol, is once again part of the SIG Sauer shooting team.

The flagship for this latest series is undoubtedly the SIG Sauer P320 X-Five. The match firearm with a modular, interchangeable polymer frame with a long grip spur and replaceable magazine well funnel has a generous magazine capacity of 21 rounds in 9 mm Luger (18 rounds in .40 S&W).

Furthermore, where necessary, the frame can also be equipped with additional weights on the rear in order to achieve even gentler shooting behavior.

The slide with three weight-reducing cut-outs on the top side houses a 5”/127mm “Bull Barrel” and is outfitted with a removable covering plate. Upon removing this plate, the SIG Sauer ROMEO mini reflex sight can be mounted directly. The trigger system is equipped with a straight trigger and a short reset for rapid, repeated firing.

Other impressive characteristics include: Adjustable match sights with fiber optic front sight from Dawson Precision and a larger slide release.

In the new P320 X series, the two other 9 mm models Carry (3.9“ barrel) and V-TAC (4.7“ barrel) with magazine capacities for 17 rounds and equally appealing features are also represented. The compact P320 X-Carry is e.g. equipped with nocturnal sights. Co-developed by the famous US shooting trainer Kyle Lamb, the P320 X V-TAC also stands out due to its slide with lateral cut-outs and Flat Dark Earth (FDE) surface finish.

SIG Sauer P320 X-Carry pistol
The new SIG Sauer P320 X-Series as a compact "Carry" model.
SIG Sauer P320 X-VTAC pistol
The V-TAC version of the SIG Sauer P320 X-Series features a number of modifications and a Flat Dark Earth finish on the slide.

New rifles from SIG Sauer in 2017

SIG Sauer MCX assault rifle 
The SIG Sauer MCX assault rifle is now also available in Germany for government agencies.

Naturally, the latest designs for government use include the multi-caliber weapons systems MCX (assault rifle) and MPX (machine pistol), which sport a modular design and are easily reconfigured.

Furthermore, SIG Sauer also unveiled interesting long guns for the civilian market, for example from the M400/516/716 self-loading rifle series.

For one, we were able to marvel at the SIG716 G2 in .308 Winchester (7.62x51 mm NATO) at IWA 2017 in Nuremberg. With an indirect gas impingement system and multi-lug rotating bolt, the details of this second-generation self-loading rifle have been further improved, and it impresses with its exceedingly light weight compared to the first generation. The weight was reduced by a further 18 percent — almost a whole kilogram. 

Second-generation SIG716 semi-automatic
The self-loading SIG Sauer SIG716 G2 evolved from the AR-10 model.

New optics from SIG Sauer in 2017

Particularly in the USA, the young, constantly growing SIG Sauer Electro-Optics department is securely on the path towards success. The current overall range with mini reflex sights, reflex sights, scopes for various purposes, telescopes, laser rangefinders, as well as weapons lights and thermal optics is already more than impressive. 

In North America, it has already made a lasting impression on the government market. For example, thanks to its close collaboration with Tidewater Tactical, it was awarded a contract by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The SIG Sauer ROMEO 4M reflex sight is now used on the FBI’s patrol carbines.

SIG Sauer Electro Optics ROMEO 4 and JULIET 4
On the rise: SIG Sauer Electro Optics offers interesting optics. Shown here is a combination of the ROMEO reflex sight and Juliet magnification module.
SIG Sauer JULIET 4 and ROMEO 4
The SIG Sauer JULIET magnification module can easily be flipped down in front of the reflex sight.

The ROMEO 4M possesses a light, yet robust light metal housing and two different selectable reticles in the form of a simple 2 MOE red dot and a 2 MOE illuminated dot in the center with a 65 MOE surrounding ring (similar to the EOTech HWS). 

Other specs of the reflex sight, which is waterproof for 30 minutes at a depth of ten meters in accordance with the IPX 8 standard, include the SIG SAUER “Motion Activated Illumination System” (MOTAC), in which a movement sensor regulates energy from the battery highly efficiently, reportedly achieving 50,000 hours of operational time, as well as a finely graduated light intensity for both day and night use. 

Additional police departments such as the New Hampshire State Police on the east coast or the Fort Collins Police Department in Colorado have also decided on the SIG Sauer ROMEO 4 reflex sight for their service rifles.

New ammunition from SIG Sauer in 2017

Elite Performance Munition by SIG Sauer
The new Match Grade Elite Performance Munition from SIG Sauer.

Also featuring an impressive range is the company’s burgeoning in-house SIG Sauer Elite Performance ammunition series, which is slated to be tested according to CIP regulations and hence also be made available in Germany. It was expanded just recently with the match rifle rounds in the calibers .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, and .300 Winchester Magnum.

The common denominator of the three new “Match Grade Elite Performance” loads in the popular rifle calibers is that they are all loaded with Sierra MatchKing projectiles. The .223 Remington OTM (Open Tip Match) is equipped with a 77 grain projectile and is designed for a starting velocity of 838 m/s (1,753 joules of energy). The .308 Winchester with a 168 grain OTM bullet achieves 822 m/s with 3,686 joules. The .300 Winchester Magnum with a 190 grain OTM projectile achieves 868 m/s with 4,645 joules.

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