Magnum Research Desert Eagle WMD: pistol for the apocalypse

Here’s what Magnum Research has to say about the new Desert Eagle WMD: “Should you ever find yourself surrounded by Zombies or other unworldly forces, the new Magnum Research Mark XIX Apocalyptic Desert Eagle may very well be your best defense.” But in all seriousness: the apocalyptic look with a white matte Cerakote™ finish is truly awe-inspiring!

The Desert Eagle is a tidy package for sports shooters as well, although they’re not quite expecting a zombie apocalypse. And the finish adds a cool touch to turn heads at the shooting range.

Desert Eagle WMD im Schuss
Open fire: the Desert Eagle WMD in a one-handed test. Not easy, given its weight of over 2 kg. But the picture proves you can make it work.

The specs of the apocalyptic Desert Eagle WMD pistol

The Desert Eagle WMD model is based on the Mark XIX (Mark 19) by Magnum Research. The new Cerakote™ finish was applied to the weapon in a multistep process. This also includes a high-temperature ceramic coating. The manufacturer promises that the pistol’s distinct finish is highly durable in normal use. We can also confirm that the coating of the test gun withstood a hard day at the shooting range without so much as a scratch.

Laufmündung der Desert Eagle WMD
The matte Cerakote™ finish of the Desert Eagle WMD makes the pistol a unique piece.

The matte finish (white matte distressed) gives the pistol a rugged appearance, as if it had seen a few things. Nothing on it shines or is polished. The occasional “weathered touches” produce the used-look – but without any actual wear. After all, this is a brand-new firearm.

The Desert Eagle WMD has G10 grip panels with a snakeskin look. The checkering has great purchase, so even perspiring or wet hands won’t slip. The frame is pretty hefty, although it suits the pistol, as it is a giant compared to other models. But that’s entirely intentional and is a hallmark of Desert Eagle pistols. Shooters with small hands might be advised to use a two-hand grip. But we couldn’t resist the temptation of firing the Desert Eagle WMD single-handedly. And it was quite literally a blast!

The weight of the gun was more of a problem for us than the size of the stock during the single-handed test. Gravity was clearly an issue, given the pistol’s empty weight of 2 kg and a full magazine.

Kimme der Desert Eagle WMD
The Desert Eagle WMD has black controls.

The familiar controls on the Desert Eagle (slide stop, magazine release, safety, hammer and trigger) are also black in the WMD.

A Weaver rail to mount your preferred scopes sits pretty on the receiver. The Desert Eagle has fixed front and rear sights.

The pistol is available in the calibers .44 Magnum or .50 AE. The gun we reviewed in the video was chambered in .44 Magnum and had a 6-inch barrel with a total length of 27.3 cm. The magazine has an 8-round capacity (7 shots for the .50 AE).

The single-action trigger had a pull of about 1,800 grams. But it didn’t seem heavy to us.

Abzug der Desert Eagle WMD
The apocalyptic Desert Eagle WMD has a trigger pull of around 1,800 g.

Round-up for the Mark XIX Desert Eagle WMD in apocalyptic look

Just unpacking the Desert Eagle WMD got us excited: wow, what a giant! Everything about this pistol fits, including its look and feel: the matte finish in used-look and the snakeskin-style grip panels were real eye-catchers.

You will definitely turn heads at the gun club when you unleash the Desert Eagle Mark XIX WMD in apocalyptic look. Nearby shooters will rub their eyes and the odd one will cast covetous glances at this stylish piece of sporting gear.

Patronenlager der Desert Eagle WMD
We reviewed the Desert Eagle Mark XIX WMD by Magnum Research chambered in .44 Magnum.

The Desert Eagle WMD by Magnum Research is available in Europe from the importer Waffen Ferkinghoff. The pistol is designed with an apocalyptic look and the .44 Magnum version costs €2,612.

Visit the manufacturer’s website at Guns by Magnum Research for more information.

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