Korth Super Sport RGX Revolver in .357 Magnum

Even before the start of the IWA, we had a chance to examine the latest new revolver from the Lollar gun manufacturer Korth. It was so new that a name had not yet been conceived for the .357 Magnum revolver when we visited. It was not until the next day, shortly before the start of the IWA 2017, that the gun had been christened the Korth Super Sport RGX. 

Features of the Korth National Standard Super Sport RGX

Korth Super Sport RGX revolver with open drum
The Korth Super Sport RGX revolver has a 10-inch barrel, just like the National Standard which it is based upon.

The new premium revolver from Korth is based on the National Standard. In its Super Sport edition it has a barrel length of six inches. The new National Standard Super Sport RGX is somewhat longer and comes with a barrel which is 10 inches long. Wow! There are Picatinny rails around the barrel and on the sight rail for mounting accessories and optical sights. The target group for this weapon is clearly the sport shooter in a dynamic revolver discipline. 

The Super Sport RGX features the high quality of Korth’s premium handguns and has many setting options. As such, the double-action trigger can be set with a pressure-point wheel, and the trigger retaining spring can also be adjusted. The main hammer spring can also be set from the outside. The pre-series model did not have any mechanical sights, but instead only had an Aimpoint red dot sight mounted on the upper Picatinny rail.  

Korth Super Sport RGX drum
The Korth Super Sport RGX holds six cartridges in its cylinder.

The cylinder of the Korth Super Sport RGX revolver holds six .357 Magnum cartridges, yet is easy to replace. This makes it possible to readily use 9 mm Luger and .38 Special caliber cylinders that are specially produced by Korth.

Korth did not comment about the price.

Korth logo on the Super Sport RGX revolver
Renowned premium quality from Korth: the new Super Sport RGX revolver.
Barrel muzzle of the Korth Super Sport RGX revolver
With no front or rear sights: The Korth Super Sport RGX revolver comes without any manual sights.

At the fair IWA 2017 Korth showed the Supersport RGX Revolver in a prototype study. A bipod was mounted at the picatinny rail of the 10-inch revolver and a stock was attached to the handle. In addition, the revolver, which had been mutated into a "carbine", had been given a manual sight and a red-dot sight. But the result was quite impressive

Prototype Korth of the Supersport RGX revolver
Prototype Korth of the Supersport RGX revolver with stock and bipod.

You can find more information on Korth handguns directly on the company website.

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