Korth Super Sport Revolver in .357 Magnum

The Korth Super Sport is based on the National Standard Revolver, which has an ejector receiver extending to the muzzle that at first glance resembles a Smith & Wesson M586/686. The form and dimensions of the steel framed grip on the Korth National Standard and Super Sport match the S&W L receiver in round butt design. Therefore, it comes with the option of using a whole range of various plastic or wooden grip plates found on the market today. The jacket with underlug extending the length of the barrel adds some weight and a slightly top-heavy touch.

Korth Revolver and ammunition
The cylinder unit on the Korth Super Sport revolver can be quickly removed pressing the push button on the right of the frame

The rounded muzzle section protruding from the jacket at the end of the stainless steel barrel gives the German revolver a striking look. The barrel was designed by Lothar Walther, and presents a six-sided semi-polygon inner profile with 1-250 mm rifling. The rifling chosen seems a little short when compared with a Colt Python with 1-356 mm rifling or a Smith & Wesson M686, which has 1-476 mm. But that in turn could be an advantage, especially when shooting loads in .38 Special or 9 mm Luger with short bullets and low velocities.

Korth Super Sport revolver with double action trigger

Slick timing and tight tolerances are par for the course at Korth: the cylinder gap, for instance, is just 0.1 mm, which reduces the fireball at the transition between the barrel and the cylinder and ensures a high velocity transmission.

Like the S&W, the double action trigger travel responds with an excellent feedback in two stages before reaching the release point and allowing the hammer to fall. 

Users can also take matters into their own hands, remove the grip plates and alter the trigger pull by changing the pretension on the hammer spring. What’s more, Korth revolvers have always allowed users to vary the characteristics of the trigger by replacing the pressure point wheel.

Korth Super Sport Revolvers Single Action and Double Action
Our measurements showed the Korth Super Sport to have a trigger pull of 1750 grams (single action) and 4250 grams (double action). Another noticeable feature: the cylinder slide with extended thumb rest for rapid reloading, arranged diagonally to the direction of discharge
Removable barrel weight of Korth Revolver
The solid barrel jacket and the removable barrel weight tend to make the Korth Super Sport revolver a tad top-heavy, which effectively counteracts muzzle rise and recoil

In particular, it is the powerful barrel sleeve, which is fitted with a MIL-STD-1913-Picatinny mounting profile along the entire length of its sides, which lends this outstanding sports firearm its striking look. And opposite an additional weight attached to the underside of the barrel jacket, a PPC/1500 sight rib sits proud atop the barrel unit.

Unlike the familiar sight ribs by the American manufacturers Aristocrat or Wichita, the four-position quick adjustment dial for different distances/targets/impact point positions on the Korth sight rib sits beside the front sight instead of being located at the back by the rear sight. In addition, there are also protective cheeks on the side to protect the undercut front sight disc from glare.

Fine tuning the sights using the rear sight plate on the Korth Super Sport revolver

The rear sight appears unspectacular at first glance, especially when compared with its counterpart at the front. That is, until one notices the second adjustable screw on the side. It is used to adjust the two-part rear sight plate in increments of 0.08 mm per click, allowing shooters to vary the light gap. In turn, this enables the sights to be fine-tuned to suit the shooter/shooting technique and the light at the shooting range. What’s more, an illuminated dot sight can also be fitted to the sight rib if necessary, allowing shooters to compete in various disciplines of the Free/Optical classes or as an aid when testing new ammunition.

Front sight of Korth Super Sport Revolver
A view of the front sight on the Korth Super Sport revolver with four pre-set, fixed positions and the rear sight with adjustable light gap
Light gap Korth Super Sport Revolver 
The light gap on the Korth Super Sport revolver is adjustable between 1.4 and 6.0 mm to suit the light and personal preferences

Attractive as they are, the Picatinny rails on the side surfaces of the barrel jacket are not just there to look pretty. They are, after all, the best places to conveniently fit a ‘barricade wing’ or other gear, for instance for the Bianchi Cup Action discipline. 

Out of the box the Super Sport weighs 1640 grams, making it a (well-balanced) heavyweight and therefore ineligible for the DSB/BDS precision disciplines in the .357 Magnum caliber class, for example. But once the 175 gram barrel jacket counterweight, held in place by seven cylinder head bolts, has been stripped away, the revolver satisfies the regulatory restrictions, tipping the scales at an acceptable 1465 grams.

The Korth Super Sport clocks up an outstanding individual result in the precision test

We recorded the best result (20 mm) in the shooting machine precision test with the Korth Super Sport when firing the Hornady American Gunner .38 Special with 125 grain XTP bullets (12 shots/25 metres). After fitting the 9x19 conversion cylinder, we managed a 24 mm shot grouping with the Magtech 9 mm Luger/147 grain JHP factory shells.

Korth Super Sport Revolver in .357 Magnum with ammunition
The overall finishing and upmarket PVD surface coating on the Korth Super Sport in .357 Magnum are of the highest standards. Practical suitability and shooting performance can only be described as excellent as well

The Magtech .357 Mag./158 grain JHP factory ammunition yielded the third best 25-millimetre shot grouping with the Super Sport. The Korth Super Sport revolver costs €3670.00 (RRP, including VAT)

Our summary of the Korth Super Sport revolver

The Super Sport-Revolver by Korth comes with all the details and features that define premium revolvers from Germany. Especially the revolver’s outstanding overall finish lends the firearm a high-quality feel. The results of the precision test were remarkable and indicate the gun’s excellent suitability for practical use. Hence, all things considered, the price for this match revolver by Korth is acceptable and justified.

For more information visit the Korth website.

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