Kalashnikov Concern unveils new versions of the Lebedev PL-15 pistol

Manufactured by Kalashnikov Concern (Izmash), the Lebedev PL-15 pistol is designed primarily to serve as a duty sidearm for military and law enforcement officers. It is designed to use the 9x19 ammunition, which is the most popular type of handgun ammunition in the world, including Russian service 7N21 cartridges with improved characteristics.

The Lebedev PL-15K pistol equipped with a Picatinny rail 
The Lebedev PL-15K pistol is equipped with a Picatinny rail and uses a 16-round magazine (14-round for the compact PL-15k).

PL-15 pistol features a lightweight alloy frame with removable grip panels, so the grip shape can be tailored to various palm sizes. It uses a traditional Browning-system short recoil action with tilting barrel. The pistol is available with two trigger options: Double Action Only with internal hammer and Single Action with striker. Manual safeties are added to both sides of the frame as required by Russian army. Safe handling is further supported by a loaded chamber indicator. 

The pistol is equipped with removable metal sights with contrast inserts, and a Picatinny rail is provided below the barrel to host a tactical light and / or laser aiming modules. For Special Operations users pistol can be fitted with extended threaded barrel that would accept screw-on sound suppressor. It is also possible to install miniature red dot sights directly onto the slide.

PL-15K: the compact version

The PL-15K is the compact version of the Lebedev PL-15 pistol, and is optimized for concealed carry by law enforcement and security personnel. PL-15K can fire all available factory-loaded 9x19 ammunition, including Russian high-performance loads such as the 7N21. It is available with same trigger options as its full-size brother.

Depending on the version of the trigger PL-15 can be had in following modifications:

-  PL-15, with Double Action Only hammer fired ignition system; trigger pull is 45 N and trigger travel is 7 mm; 

-  PL-15-01 with Single Action striker-fired system; trigger pull is 25 N and trigger travel is 4 mm.

Specifications of the Lebedev PL-15 pistol







Magazine capacity:

16 rounds

14 rounds

Weight (with empty magazine):

0,8 kg

0,73 kg

Weight (with loaded magazine):

1,0 kg

0,9 kg

205 mm180 mm
Barrel length
112 mm92 mm


For more information please visit Kalashnikov Concern website.