Review: Kimber Tactical Pro II in 9 mm Luger

Not Colt, but Kimber from Yonkers in New York State is the undisputed world market leader for single-action semi-automatic 1911-based pistols, as evidenced by the 16 different series from this company in the 1911-style alone.

One of them is the Tactical Pro II, one of five versions of the Tactical II series. As the name suggests, Kimber manufactures this compact firearm in a size comparable to that of the Colt Commander, both for military purposes as well as civilian carriers of concealed carry weapons. The main caliber of the Tactical II is the .45 ACP, a classic in the US; Kimber only offers the Tactical Pro II in 9 mm Luger. Features: Deviating from the usual in the 1911 range, the Tactical series comprises three pistol types with an aluminum frame featuring a KimPro II finish.

According to the manufacturer, this is a self-lubricating surface treatment with “outstanding resistance against chemicals, moisture, salt, and UV light that can irreparably damage other finishes.” Undoubtedly, it is a meticulously produced finish – but then again, Americans are fond of superlatives when advertising for new features: Neutrally phrased, the finish looks like it was sand-blasted and coated.

The sights consist of an adjustable front post sight and a dovetailed “fixed slant night sight” rear sight that is screwed in place from above. Both elements have the usual three dots, but in this case with Meprolight inserts (the abbreviation “MH3” stands for “M” as in Meprolight” and “H3” as in “tritium”). What else is there? A whole lot: Beavertail backstrap safety, long, extra wide wing safety (ambidextrous), longitudinally grooved aluminum skeletonized trigger with adjustable trigger stop, long spring guide, and fine checkering (30 lines per inch, lpi) at the front on the grip and at the bottom on the trigger guard. On the magazine well at the front, there is also an extension with a front section that is trimmed at a slant. It serves to facilitate the insertion of the magazine with screwed-on polymer base buffer, designed for a nominal nine rounds capacity.

Kimber Tactical Pro II disassembled
Kimber Tactical Pro II: two lugs and a mobile chain link under the barrel – it doesn’t get any more Colt-Browning than this. At the front is a trumpet-shaped, thickened muzzle. Located at the front bottom in the slide is a bushing that serves as the seat and support of the recoil spring guide.

Review of the Kimber Tactical Pro II:

While we’re on the topic of the magazine: The Incredible Hulk would definitely have been able to squeeze in nine rounds – normal mortals manage eight, but only at the cost of smarting fingers. Despite the fact that the wing safety worked like a charm, they were very much in the way of the thumb on its way to the slide stop during one-handed shooting (–2 points). Where trigger characteristics were concerned, there was minimal creep in the otherwise perfectly aligned trigger (–1 point). When inspecting the workmanship, there were some slight machining marks on the interior (–1 point), but also a great deal deserving of praise: Snug fits, a slide that moves with an airtight fit, a great finish, barrels with an unyielding lock and an excellently finished interior.

Front sight of the Kimber Tactical Pro II
The front post sight of the Kimber Tactical Pro II can be moved to the side and is outfitted with a Meprolight insert.
Rear sight of the Kimber Tactical Pro II
On the Kimber Tactical Pro II, the rear sight marked with “MH3” under the recess and the Meprolight dots are cross-grooved.

The sights on this weapon, designed for concealed carry, proved nothing short of perfect for their intended purpose (–0 points); the same verdict was reached with regard to the trigger-grip design: compared with other 1911-style pistols, the Kimber Tactical Pro II has a grip element that feels truly fantastic in the hand (–0 points). In the shooting test, the first aspects considered were cycling and safety: In the Ransom Rest, the firearm experienced a few hiccups when chambering before cycling without a hitch. In freehand shooting, there were two feed malfunctions with the thicker Winchester rounds (–2 points). In the precision test, the Kimber Tactical Pro II’s best result was 48 mm (–7 points).

Verdict on the Kimber Tactical Pro II:

The Kimber Tactical Pro II is a pistol designed for defensive purposes, yet features an elegant design, great workmanship, and a classic look – but thanks to the many bonus features for a 1911-style firearm, it understandably does not come at a steal. It could be worth considering for professionals and concealed carry license holders who not only value performance, but also pay attention to style and elegance when carrying.

Evaluation of the Kimber Tactical Pro II in 9 mm Luger:

Category Points
Precision (max. 50 points)43 points 
Cycling/safety (max. 10 points)8 points 
Trigger characteristics (max. 10 points)9 points 
Trigger-grip design (max. 5 points)5 points 
Control elements (max. 10 points)8 points 
Sights (max. 5 points)5 points 
Workmanship (max. 10 points)9 points 
Total points (max. 100 points)87 points 
VerdictVery good
5 of 6 

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Kimber Tactical Pro II
Technical data

Kimber Tactical Pro II, 9 mm pistolsMichael Schippers

ModelTactical Pro II
TypeSemi-automatic pistol for concealed carry
Caliber9x19 mm
Single-action with external hammer
Ambidextrous safety lever
7 + 1 rounds
10.2 cm
Laterally adjustable front post sight and rear sight with Meprolight MH3 dots
Total length19,4 cm
929 g
Material/surface finishFull metal pistol with laminated wooden grip panels, matte black steel slide and aluminum frame
RemarksCase with operating manual (monolingual), padlock, safety barrel insert, weapon bag, oil bag.
€1,495 – Kimber Tactical Pro II (RRP of manufacturer including sales tax/VAT)