Kimber Super Jägare review: a 1911-style pistol with DeltaPoint Reflex Sight

Kimber even advertises the 1911-style pistol with 6" barrel as the optimum handgun for the coup de grace when hunting. But the Kimber Super Jägare is more than just that: the features it has out of the box make it an interesting sports pistol in caliber 10 mm auto. 

Kimber Super Jägare: a 1911-style pistol with extras 

The Super Jägare comes from the Kimber Custom Shop, and offers a number of extras not present on regular 1911-style pistols. When we picked up the 6" barrel, all-steel pistol, we immediately noticed the extravagant frame. The Kimber Super Jägare has a two-piece grip made of Micarta material. The front section of the grip has a fishscale texture for a better grip.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro on Kimber Super Jägare
The Kimber Super Jägare is outfitted with a DeltaPoint Pro reflex sight from Leupold Optik.

The most conspicuous feature on the pistol is the reflex sight. The DeltaPoint Pro mini reflex sight from Leupold comes installed on a mounting plate on the slide. No other sights are installed on this 1911-style pistol. The Leupold reflex sight can be removed using an Allen key. It is easy to adjust and of extremely high quality. The DeltaPoint Pro is waterproof and automatically switches off after 5 minutes without any movement in order to conserve battery life.

Integrated compensator of the Kimber Super Jägare
The integrated compensator: slits around the slide and holes in the barrel of the Super Jägare reduce muzzle climb and recoil.

The slide houses a 6-inch barrel and has a diamond-like carbon coating. The texturized surface in the rear section provides sufficient grip for the thumb and index finger. In addition, the fishscale-like texture of the surface gives the 1911-style pistol a modern touch, and continues on the upper side of the slide. On the frame, the grip is raised with checkering on the narrow sides.

The modern and sporty design is once again underscored by the integrated compensator. The slide has 3 slits on each side, and there are holes in the barrel. This reduces recoil and muzzle rise on the 10 mm pistol. 

Trigger of the Kimber Super Jägare
Typical for 1911-style pistols, the trigger of the Kimber Super Jägare is skeletonized.
Kimber Super Jägare, 1911-style pistol
The color of the slide on the Kimber Super Jägare is black, the frame is gray and the grip plates have a green hue.

Verdict on Kimber Super Jägare 1911-style pistol

The US manufacturer Kimber originally designed the Super Jägare for the coup de grace when hunting. That much is obvious, considering that the name means “Super Hunter” in Swedish. This is underscored by the powerful 10 mm auto caliber. With this handgun, you definitely have enough stopping power with you on a hunt.

The high-quality Leupold reflex sight DeltaPoint Pro makes it easier to target wild animals on the move – it allows you to do so with both your eyes open. Despite the powerful caliber, the recoil is not too strong, thanks to the integrated compensator. The grip plates are optimally textured and provide sufficient grip even with wet hands.

But the 1911-style pistol is also a good choice for sports shooters. We liked the design from the Custom Shop the most. The colors are well-chosen. The Kimber Super Jägare is truly a high-quality and modern 1911-style pistol with many extras. The DeltaPoint Pro reflex sight alone would cost around 500 euros if bought separately.

Overview of technical data for the Kimber Super Jägare

Kimber Super Jägare
Caliber:10 mm Auto
Capacity:8 rounds
Barrel:6 inches, stainless steel
Trigger:Skeletonized aluminum trigger, trigger pull approx. 2 kg
Sights:Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Reflex sight
Overall length:246 mm 
Weight:1,200 g
Price: 3,399 euros (from Waffen Ferkinghoff)
Kimber Super Jägare: shooting test 
The Kimber Super Jägare was originally designed for the coup de grace on hunts. But it impressed us at the range as well.

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