Kimber Eclipse: new 1911 handgun series

The weapons manufacturer Kimber has again included a large number of new 1911s in its 2017 portfolio. Immediately noticeable in the Eclipse pistol series are the dark gray receiver and brush-polished finish. But these full steel 1911 handguns have more to offer than just a neat look. A Browning action chambered in the classic .45 ACP caliber works its magic beneath the slide of all new models. 

Kimber Eclipse: properties and specs

The 1911 pistol Kimber Eclipse comes in three versions: Eclipse Target, Eclipse Custom and Eclipse Pro. All models are chambered in the classic 1911 caliber .45 ACP, while the Custom and Target are available for two other calibers, .38 Super and 10mm Auto. The skeleton trigger is made of aluminum. Kimber claims that the 30-line-per-inch checkering on the back and front strap of the grip guarantees ideal purchase. G-10 grip panels round off this modern take on a bona fide 1911 handgun. 

The grip panels, frame und slide have a charcoal-grey finish. Three dot sights sit pretty on the Kimber Eclipse Pro and Custom models. Fully adjustable tritium backsights are fitted onto the Kimber Eclipse Target.

Above all, the size is an immediately noticeable difference in addition to the sights. The Eclipse Custom (.45 ACP and 10 mm Auto) is a 5-inch model, while the Eclipse Pro (only .45 ACP) comes with a snubbier 4-inch barrel. The Target again has a 5-inch barrel and is chambered in the calibers .45 ACP or .38 Super.

Model:Eclipse ProEclipse CustomEclipse Target
Caliber:.45 ACP.45 ACP / 10mm Auto.45 ACP / .38 Super
Magazine:8 rounds8 rounds
8 rounds
Barrel:4 inches5 inches5 inches
Weight:992 g1.077 g1.077 g





In case you’re thinking “just another 1911 for US shooters” or “they’ll never be released in Europe”, we can reassure you. The Kimber 1911 Eclipse is available in Europe from Waffen Ferkinghoff.

The Kimber Eclipse Target costs €1,742.00 and the Kimber Eclipse Custom is available from Ferkinghoff for €1,597.00.

Take a look at the Waffen Ferkinghoff online shop to see what the company has to offer. 

Visit the Kimber USA website for more information about the guns from Kimber. 


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