Hudson H9A: modified aluminum-frame pistol in 9mm

Cy and Lauren Hudson are the owners of the Texas based start-up company Hudson Manufacturing. At their booth during SHOT Show 2018 they introduced the new model Hudson H9A, a lighter version of the H9 steel framed pistol, showcased last year. In case you missed our news, please have a look: Hudson H9 pistol - a semi-automatic 1911 in 9mm Luger. 

Features of the new Hudson H9A pistol (model 2018)

But let’s have a deeper look at the new lighter and cheaper version: the Hudson H9A. The H9 model had two issues: price and weight. And if you take just a quick view on the new model, it’s not so easy to detect the differences. 

Hudson H9A : a lighter version of the H9 polymer pistol
The Hudson H9A is a lighter version of the H9 steel frame pistol.
Polymer grip panels of the Hudson H9A pistol
The H9A Hudson features an aluminum frame and polymer grip panels and back straps. The trigger is 1911-style.

Hudson explained they had planned to modify the design very carefully by using different construction materials. For the H9A Hudson built the frame out of aluminum instead of steel and used polymer grip panels and back straps. We can confirm: The rough texture polymer grip panels are very grippy. 

All in all, Hudson could reduce the unloaded weight from 965 g (34 o.z.)  to 720 g. That’s almost 250 g less from the design and perhaps about 200.- US-Dollar less from the suggested retail price. 

This would bring the initial price of the H9 down from 1.150.- USD to 949.- USD for the H9A.  And there will also be new sight options for users wanting something more precise. 

The lower front of the Hudson H9A will also bring up the point of impact for those who found the H9 shooting a bit low.

The new company made a splash when they debuted at last year’s SHOT Show, attracting the attention of a variety of media and going viral among firearm enthusiasts on Facebook, but then ran into some manufacturing problems later in the year 2017 that lead in a delay in production and delivery.

The H9A Hudson equipped with polymer grip panels and back straps.
The H9A Hudson is equipped with polymer grip panels and back straps.
The new Hudson H9A have rough texture polymer grip panels 
The rough texture polymer grip panels are very grippy.

Asking about the future strategy of Hudson we could hear, that it was always the plan, to add a lighter version of the Hudson H9 in 2018. 

Here it is: the H9A. For the most part, Hudson seems to be following the “natural way” of a firearms company by offering variants of a baseline model that contain features determined by demand. A quick and easy option, for example, is offering a variant with a threaded barrel, which Hudson confirmed, will be released soon fitting both models, the H9 and the H9A.

Asking about a planned market entry in Europe we did not receive any reliable info. We’ll keep you informed.

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