Hudson H9 pistol - a semi-automatic 1911 in 9mm Luger

The pistol comes with an unloaded weight of some 34-ounces (965 g) a barrel length of 4.28-inches (109 mm) and a short-take up trigger with a 4.5-5 lbs break. However, the unconventional nose profile, low bore axis, accessory rail, 15-shot double stack mag and striker-fired design brings something new to the standard 1911.

Hudson Manufacturing, directed by Lauren Hudson, presents it to the market as a revolutionary pistol, well rooted in the best American gun-making tradition with a clear reference to the immortal 1911 concept, but inspired by the future. The construction is based on 7 patents pending supporting the idea that we are in front of a real innovation in the market of 9mm pistols.

Hudson H9 pistol in 9mm
SHOT Show 2017: Hudson Manufacturing H9 pistol in 9mm – a revolutionary full-steel concept

To us the new pistol looks like a really well-designed 1911-style pistol that reminds us that the 9mm caliber is the most popular round in the world. The announced price for the US is quite high: 1.150.- US-Dollar. It gives a first hint on the expected quality. There are not so many 1911’s in the market with such a high price. So anyway: we can imagine that Europe will also be in the focus for this model. Hudson Manufacturing also promises their H9 pistol to be readily convertible, offering a reversible magazine release to complement the ambi-slide releases, configurable thumb safeties and interchangeable grips to swap out their standard G10 panels.

Further differences of Hudson H9 to 1911

Let’s see what the market will say about this pistol. We guess it will be targeting the same market segment as Heckler&Koch P30, or the VP9 as well as the CZ P10. So far one thing should be clear: No, it will not be a “real 1911”. Not from the price tag and not from the construction, even if there is some similarity.

Anyway: there seems to be an interesting international market for high quality striker fired pistols. That’s why we are curious to hold the Hudson H9 in our hands and simply pull the trigger. We keep you updated on All we can tell you after having it in our hands at the Industry Day 2017: Yes, this pistol is a real technical innovation, even if it comes from a small company.

Technical data and price of Hudson H9 pistol:

Hudson Manufacturing USA
Market segment
Semiautomatic striker fired pistol
9mm Luger
15 shots
Barrel length
109 mm
Trijicon HD front sight
Overall length
194 mm
Weight (unloaded)
965 g
1.147,- US-Dollar (RRP)

For more information, please visit the Hudson Manufacturing website.

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