Heckler & Koch VP9 and VP40 Pistols: new models and colors

The world’s largest gun fair, the Las Vegas SHOT Show 2017 would not be complete without the well-known German manufacturer Heckler & Koch.

HK USA adds new models to their lineup: The popular VP9 in 9x19mm as well as the VP40 in .40 S&W are now available as tactical versions. Additionally, they now come in different colors. The customer can choose between traditional black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and grey (VP9 only).

Pistola HK VP9 Tactical in black
At the SHOT Show 2017 Heckler & Koch presents the VP9 and VP40 tactical models as well as two new color tones, FDE and grey.

While technically almost identical to their original versions, the tactical versions spot a slightly longer barrel with muzzle thread, designed to accommodate suppressors. They are not just marketed as duty pistols but are also popular with sports shooters. The VP9 has been available to the German public as SFP9 and the tactical version as SFP9 SD.

Heckler & Koch pistols in a new guise

Heckler & Koch VP 9 Flat Dark Earth
The Heckler & Koch VP9 and VP40 can now be ordered in Flat Dark Earth as well as grey (VP9 only).

In addition to the classic black, the VP9 will be available with grey and flat dark earth (FDE) polymer frames. The slide and action will remain in black steel finish, thus creating a dual-tone finish. The VP40 gains color as well, unfortunately only in FDE and not in grey. 

From a functional standpoint, the VP-9 has not changed from the version recently reviewed by all4shooters.com: it boasts a modified Browning action and a hammer forged polygon barrel of 4.7” length, just 0.6” shorter than the standard version.

Other than the new paintjob, Heckler & Koch did not update the VP9 or VP40 pistols. You can have a second look all the technical details in our prior reviews of the VP9 (branded SFP9 in Germany) and VP40

A quick summary of the technical specs:

9 mm Luger.40 Smith & Wesson9mm / .40 S&W
15 rounds13 rounds15 / 13 rounds
Barrel length
104 mm104 mm119 mm
Overall length
186 mm186 mm202 mm
Height 137 mm138 mm137 / 138 mm
753 g820 g762 / 830 g
Black, Flat Dark Earth,
Black, Flat Dark Earth
$719,- $719,- $899,- 

Other news from Heckler & Koch at SHOT Show 2017

In addition to their new pistols, Heckler & Koch USA presents the semi-automatic SP5K in 9mm Luger. This offshoot of the well-known MP5, a duty sidearm with police and military forces worldwide, is intended for the civilian market and has already been introduced at the IWA OutdoorClassic 2016.

You can read our extensive review on the Heckler & Koch SP5K here. 

Further information can be found at the manufacturers website HK USA as well as on the site of the parent company HK Germany.

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