Heckler & Koch: innovations at Enforce Tac 2017

Analogous to the P30 duty pistol series, the high-end Swabian manufacturer and law enforcement supplier Heckler & Koch, whose brand new assault rifle HK 433 we have already presented in detail elsewhere, is now expanding its range with the young Striker Fired Pistol (SFP) 9 Series.

But let’s for a moment stay within the realm of rifles used by law enforcement. The highly promising HK 433 presented at Enforce Tac – you can find the article here – along with other assault rifle systems such as the Haenel CR 223, Rheinmetall Steyr RS 556 or SIG Sauer MCX, will be among the leading contenders to be awarded a tender called by the German Bundeswehr for a new assault rifle to replace the aging G36 – we have reported it.

In addition the renowned manufacturer with its bold two red letter trademark presented two new assault rifles/automatic weapons, namely the HK 237 (based on the G36) and the HK 337 (based on the HK 416) in the ever more popular caliber .300 Blackout/Whisper, which can be used with subsonic silencer rounds and which extend its range of use accordingly. As stated in reports, the HK 433 should also soon be available in this caliber.

HK237 and HK337 assault rifles
In addition to the very latest HK 433 assault rifle, the law enforcement supplier from the Black Forest presented two new rifles with its HK 237 and HK 337 featuring a caliber of .300 Blackout/.300 Whisper.

Heckler & Koch: matured SFP9 Line

SFP9 L in 9 mm Luger pistol
How sporty!: The new Heckler & Koch SFP9 L in 9 mm Luger with a 5″ barrel, a long line of sight, an SF trigger system and adjustable sights.

Contributing to the range of polymer-frame striker-fired duty pistols that are currently available, Heckler & Koch also surprised us with a whole new range of SFP9 variants. Sport shooters in particular should be attracted to the brand new SFP9 L with its “Long-Slide” and internally residing 5″/127 mm barrel, it’s easy to use “Special Forces” (SF) single-action trigger system and its adjustable sights. The long line of sight combined with its SF trigger and clean characteristics, its 2,000 to 2,500 gram trigger pull and its only 6 mm trigger travel are sporting attributes that can certainly captivate the user. The new SFP9 L weighs 770 grams when empty with a magazine inserted and impresses with its pleasing, streamlined design. 

Not only that, an “OR” variant of the SFP9 is available in standard format, which following modern trends features a slide that is factory-prepared to be fitted with a mini illuminated sight. The SFP9 is now also available in two other versions with an additional manual safety on the handgrip and a side magazine release pushbutton (instead of the two-sided lever at the base of the trigger guard). The program is rounded off with the shortened SF9 SK (subcompact), optionally available with a classic lever at the base of the trigger guard or a side magazine release pushbutton.

Heckler & Koch SFP9 pistol
Many variants: SFP9 with a manual safety (and classic magazine release lever) and with a new, side magazine release pushbutton.
HK SFP9 SK pistol
Less is more: The new Heckler & Koch SFP9 SK is suitable for concealed carry operations.

More information you will find directly on the website of the weapon manufacturer Hecker & Koch.

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