Glock Store Custom #17

Glock Store, from California, is dedicated to customising these Austrian handguns. They have a wide ranging catalogue of essential parts and accessories, including trigger mechanisms, sights, holsters and oversize controls, as well as tools for breaking the guns down and cleaning them.

The Glock Store stand was literally covered with Glocks in various stages of customisation.

The one in the photo is a Glock 34 on which the original slide has been replaced with a graphite/gold Cerakote finish Aperx slide. The trigger guard has been changed for one with a “brass knuckle” profile. As for the internal components, the barrel has been replaced by a Storm Lake model and the trigger mechanism has been replaced with a Titanium-finished, calibrated, lightweight Pyramd version. 

Tungsten Double Diamond spring guide rod. The sights have also been replaced with a set of Ameriglo Spartan sights. All the pins and manual controls have been replaced with aftermarket gold-plated versions. The slide release is the only original control left.

The Greek motto engraved on the slide means “come and take (them)”, which according to Plutarch was Spartan King Leonidas’ defiant answer to the Persian King Xerxes’ demand that he surrender his weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae. It’s a very popular phrase amongst American gun owners, who are notoriously hard to disarm by gun control lobbyists and politicians.

Customised as shown, this gun sells for the impressive price tag of USD 2,599.

For more information, please visit Glock Store website.

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