GLOCK pistols in MOS configuration: ideal handguns for sports shooting

GLOCK pistols are widely described as the world’s most famous handguns. This is old hat to insiders, as the service pistols are among the best products available on the international markets. They deliver punchy firepower, as well as being lightweight, safe, reliable and easy to use. And their bang for the buck catches the eye as well. 

What benefits do the GLOCK Gen4 pistols offer?

GLOCK Pistole in MOS-Konfiguration beim Schuss
Users can adjust the GLOCK pistol models in MOS configuration to suit their individual hand size thanks to the MBS frame.

All GLOCK Gen4 pistols are built with a Modular Back Strap (MBS) frame. The G35 MOS and the G41 MOS, as all GLOCK pistols in MOS configuration, also belong to the 4th generation series. The MBS frame has one big advantage: The enclosed back straps are used to adjust the circumference of the frame to suit the shooter’s hand, without tampering with the frame angle. So this feature will not affect the shot pattern.

Shooters can also use the MBS frame to adjust the position of their finger relative to the trigger on their GLOCK pistol. What’s more, the magazine catch has a larger contact area and is ambidextrous. The outcome: general user-friendliness is improved, while allowing an easy switch for righties and lefties. Another feature of the GLOCK Gen4 pistol models is the roughened RTF surface on the frame and back strap for noticeably better purchase while shooting.

GLOCK Gen4 pistols come equipped with a highly durable tandem recoil spring as well, which helps tame the beast. It is worth noting that a GLOCK “Safe Action” pistol has 35 individual parts. So all GLOCK models guarantee an extremely low susceptibility to malfunctions and particularly low maintenance requirements. 

So what is the MOS configuration, bottom-line?

A sports shooter tests a GLOCK pistol in MOS configuration at the range
The MOS pistol models are designed out-of-the-box for downstream addition of optical systems, without requiring the services of a gunsmith.

GLOCK Modular Optic System – The sporty pistols G35 MOS and G41 MOS are optics-ready

MOS series GLOCK pistol with DOCTERsight reflex system
The GLOCK MOS pistols are factory-built with a notch on the slide and come with four proprietary adapter plates. This makes it child’s play to fit reflex sights.

Back in the day, the Austrian manufacturer set itself the goal of adapting fully to the needs of the global shooting sport market. This culminated in the launch of sporty GLOCK pistols with MOS configuration in 2015. MOS stands for Modular Optic System. What it means is a special mounting system for handgun slides. Here, the manufacturer cuts a notch as an integrated mounting plate to allow upfitting for a stack of reflex sights – without the services of a gunsmith.

The GLOCK pistols in MOS configuration come out-of-the-box with four adapter plates for retrofit optical systems.

The shooter simply selects the matching plate and tightens a few screws to mount the sights on the gun. Adapter plates are available for optical systems by the following manufacturers: DOCTER, MEOPTA, Insight, Trijicon, C-MORE and Leupold. And that is a fairly illustrious selection.

The particularly low mounting height for the reflex and red-dot optics is worth mentioning as well. It’s not even necessary to remove the rear and front sights. The optical system is just as easy to remove if the shooter prefers to use open sights. The notch can also be closed very simply by sliding in the adapter plate. So shooters can start off with mechanical sights in any sports shooting discipline.

The following GLOCK pistols are currently available in MOS configuration: G17 MOS, G19 MOS, G34 MOS, G35 MOS, G40 MOS und G41 MOS.

What’s so special about the GLOCK pistols 35 MOS and 41 MOS?

For our review, we picked two of the GLOCK pistols available in MOS configuration: G35 MOS and G41 MOS

The GLOCK 35 MOS is chambered in .40 S&W and comes with a 15-round magazine. In contrast, the GLOCK 41 MOS in .45 ACP only holds 13 shells. Both models have a 135-mm barrel.

What’s more, the lightweight polymer pistols are handy on the range and have a convincingly low offset

The term describes the variance between the sighting line and the bore of the barrel. The outcome: the shooter doesn’t need to pick a different point of aim for short ranges. Clean target acquisition is much faster at long ranges or when aiming with smaller targeting gear.

The muzzle and barrel section of the GLOCK 35 MOS polymer pistol, next to the magazine and ammo.
The GLOCK 35 MOS in .40 S&W has a 15-round magazine capacity.
The muzzle and barrel section of the GLOCK 41 MOS polymer pistol, with the magazine and ammo
In contrast, the GLOCK 41 MOS chambered in .45 ACP only holds 13 shells.
GLOCK G41 MOS pistol in caliber .45 Auto with reflex sights and magazine; ammo by GECO
GLOCK 41 MOS with mounted DeltaPoint optical sights by Leupold.
GLOCK pistol G35 MOS with reflex sights next to the magazine and GECO ammunition in .40 S&W
GLOCK 35 MOS with mounted DOCTERsight reflex system.

The features of the two sporty polymer pistols reflect the high standards of the other GLOCK MOS models. So both the GLOCK 35 MOS and the G41 MOS are ideal match firearms for ambitious sports shooters.

What’s more, the pair of sports pistols prove themselves to be true-blooded GLOCKs in every respect. The match pistols are more than up to the technical rigors of dynamic disciplines in IPSC shooting. The US shooter Robert G. Vogel convincingly allayed any doubts at the 2017 IPSC Handgun World Shoot in France, locking the IPSC top-shooter Eric Grauffel in a tight battle to the last with his GLOCK 35. Robert Vogel ultimately pocketed the silver medal in the Standard Class event.

Technical Data: GLOCK Pistol 35 MOS and 41 MOS

Model:G35 Gen4 MOSG41 Gen4 MOS
System:Safe ActionSafe Action
Caliber:.40 S&W.45 ACP
Magazine capacity:15 rounds13 rounds
Frame:Modular Back Strap (MBS)Modular Back Strap (MBS)
Trigger pull:24 N24 N
Travel:12,5 mm12,5 mm
Sight radius:191 mm194 mm
Barrel length:135 mm135 mm
(L × W × H, incl. magazine)
222 x 33 x 139 mm223 x 34 x 139 mm
incl. magazine
785 g755 g

The recommended retail price for the pistol models G35 MOS and G41 MOS is €927.00 (incl. sales tax).

Our view of the sporty GLOCK pistols 35 MOS and 41 MOS

The GLOCK 35 MOS in .40 S&W has a 15-round magazine capacity.
GLOCK pistols in the MOS series catch the eye on the shooting range thanks to their ideal handling, reliability and outstanding precision. Here the G35 MOS.

Not only are the sports pistols G35 MOS und G41 MOS good lookers, they also come with a whole stack of excellent features. They blend user-friendliness with safety, reliability, optimized ergonomics and a low weight at an attractive price. In addition, the two polymer pistols are easy to adapt to the needs of their users. So sports shooters don’t have to make any compromises.

We were completely convinced by the performance of the G35 MOS and G41 MOS: they rest well in the hand and are perfectly balanced. The long barrel and slide ensure a noticeable reduction in muzzle flip and recoil. What’s more, the lightweight polymer pistols are handy on the range and ensure pinpoint accuracy thanks to their extended sight radius. So we can resoundingly endorse the two sporty GLOCK models.

Anyone who has harbored the desire of mounting reflex sights on a trusty GLOCK has certainly come to the right place. Like all MOS models, the G35 MOS and G41 MOS match pistols are versatile companions. After all, the handguns are eligible for disciplines with mechanical sights and optical systems. Conversion only takes a second. They also suit the most important reflex sights on the market. 

MOS series GLOCK pistol with optical sight by Leupold
GLOCK pistols in MOS configuration are suitable for mechanical sights as well as a broad selection of optical systems.
GLOCK pistol in MOS configuration with mounted optical system
The G35 MOS and G41 MOS pistol models come with clear benefits for sports shooters at the range.
GLOCK pistol in MOS configuration at the range
Our reviewer Tino Schmidt: “Sports shooters don’t have to accept any compromises with a GLOCK pistol in MOS configuration. The handguns are ideal match weapons for many disciplines in sports shooting.”

The new GLOCK Gen5 pistols G17 und G19 hit the shops mid-September 2017. But what’s different about the 5th generation polymer pistols?

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